Matthias Steiner: The most inspirational lift of all times


The Story:

German Olympic weightlifter Matthias Steiner promised his wife that one day he would win a gold medal in the Olympics. Just a month before the competition, his wife tragically died in a car accident. In order to break the record, he needed to beat his personal record by more than 2o kg. This is the video of his attempt at the gold medal.

That is what determination looks like boys.

Recently, the iron gods have not been as kind to Matthias. During the 2012 London Olympics, Matthias Steiner failed and dropped a 423-pound barbell on his neck during the 105-kilogram, super-heavyweight weightlifting finals. He appeared to be OK after the incident, waving to the crowd before being taken away for a medical examination.

Written by Egan Liabetto

Egan Liabetto

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