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    4 Techniques You Should Use to Build Bigger Biceps With One Exercise

      Almost every bodybuilder knows and performs old-school curls as one of the primary exercises for the biceps. However, if you would ask less experienced lifters about the methods, they would most likely say that you should ‘lift heavy.’ The truth is that there are at least four more techniques that help you get the best […]

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    Fat-Loss Hero Shows The World His Insanely Loose Skin

      We’ve published fat-loss articles before. Inspiring stories of pounds lost on a massive scale, or overcoming physical handicaps, however, this time, it’s not so glamorous. But do we really need more glamor in a fitness community that’s waist deep in narcissism and sinking fast? This warrior dropped 160 pounds because he realized he simply wasn’t […]

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    Not In Prison? How to Benefit From Those Legendary Incarceration Gains

      We’re not going to pretend we know what it’s like to be locked up with too many dudes that probably committed far more violent crimes than you. However, we do know a thing or two about making the best from the cards you’re dealt. The best gains, that is. Bodyweight Background A few names immediately […]

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    Why One-Hour (or longer) Workouts Won’t Harm Your Physique

      If you read fitness websites, magazines, or discuss bodybuilding with friends, you probably have heard that one hour is the longest amount of time you should train. It’s not a surprise because almost two decades ago, this lie has been popularized around the world, and some people still believe in it today. Moreover, some […]

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    Fitness Inspiration Works Surprisingly Well With Binge Drinking

      Your eyes beg to close, your head is heavy as everything in your consciousness tells you to stop. You keep going. This is the definition of dedication. Why do you do it? Because something deep inside says you must, and you don’t ever give less than 100%. Every time you wake up early feeling […]

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    Rich Piana and Thor Bjornsson Tear Up Gold’s Gym

      Gold’s Gym; a place where dreams are made. How many of you have dreamt about travelling to the much coveted Golden Palace of Gains? I know I have — and I still do. See, Gold’s in Venice is much more than your average Gold’s Gym that you find around the corner from Best Buy. […]

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    How Training Evolves You Mentally and Physically

      “I want you to hit me as hard as you can.” A wise man once told me “life is a tutorial.” That being said, I would add it’s also about building up a tolerance. You may ask what this has to do with a quote from Fight Club? Well, besides being a stellar film, Fight […]

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    What’s the Shortest, Most Effective Cardio? We (and Science) Have Your Back

      That’s about as cool as steady-state cardio is going to get. Every Gym Bro’s Savior It’s commonplace to hear high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more efficient than the traditional, steady-state options, but why? The rationale behind it is actually not overly complex, and like we’ve said before: don’t simply believe everything the swole guy tells you; […]

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    This Bodybuilder Almost Died And Now Carries His Heart In a Backpack

      Andrew Jones is a 26-year-old bodybuilder who has a big passion for training and enjoying a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. However, in 2012, he felt terrible while jogging, but that feeling soon left. And so, he didn’t pay much attention to it. Unfortunately, two years later, Jones developed a fever and began coughing up blood. As doctors […]