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  • ripped jackman

    Wolverine: What You Should do to Get Ripped like Hugh Jackman

      You probably know many amazing transformations Hollywood actors did to get roles in films. However, one of the most shocking was achieved by 47 year-old Hugh Jackman, who is also well-known as the Wolverine. Yet, his transformation was a long journey. In 1999, the year when the first X-Men series was in production, Jackman needed […]

  • 2-bicep-pics

    8 Beastly Arm Exercises You Need For Massive Gains

      After years of training, some lifters experience a serious problem — their arms stop growing, and no matter how hard they try, their arms don’t seem to get any bigger. If you find yourself in such a situation or want to make sure it doesn’t happen in future, we’ve got you covered with eight great exercises some lifters […]

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    10 Ways to Skyrocket Your Fitness Motivation

      Do you remember saying you’d get shredded this summer? If you aren’t fit yet, you may lack the motivation to succeed, and no matter how good your diet and exercise regime are, your gains will stop without the desire to get pumped. To regain your hunger to succeed and stay motivated all year long, we highly […]

  • 20131228_jla_aj4_533.0

    Recovering From An Injury – You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

      Wait for it – I’m actually going to give you the news you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear. If you’re injured, get back in the gym. Heresy! Well, not necessarily. According to actual physical therapists and reams of clinical data, movement is going to pull you from the soul-sucking black hole that is […]

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    Five Tips on How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine

      While there are dozens—if not hundreds or even thousands—of different diets, many are useless because they give only short-term results, and after a few months of dieting can make you fat again. Also, diets aren’t the best choice because most of them don’t provide essential nutrients and provide too few calories for stable body function. To […]

  • depressiom - cover

    How Lifting Weights Can Fight Depression

      Let’s face it, taking pills every day is a shitty way of fighting depression. Who in their right minds would want to take a pill for the rest of their lives? If you think weight training is only good for developing a lean body and strong muscles, you need to think again. Weightlifting has […]

  • BabyCar

    How It’s Possible For An Ordinary Person To Lift A Car

      What if I said you can only access 80% of your body’s absolute power? Granted, this sounds a lot like the movie Limitless; however the same principle has been found to affect human musculature.   You’re about to learn two things: The human body is almost inexplicably complex. Never f**k with someone on Phencyclidine (PCP). So what […]

  • Baby

    4 Apartment Workouts Guaranteed To Get You Shredded

        Staying fit is a commitment. It’s no secret that there are some days that some of us don’t have the time nor the room to do the workouts that help us keep in shape. However, regardless of the slim amounts of time and/or the small amounts of room that you have, we’re sure […]

  • 52613625

    Former Mr. Universe Manohar Aich Dies Age 104

      Ever wonder how natural bodybuilding will effect your health? Apparently, it will make you look like a Greek God now and allow you to join the centurion club later. Sounds pretty damn good to me. I mean, who needs tren when you can live to a 104? Former Mr. Universe and member of the […]

  • Back workouts

    The Three Exercises You Need For A Cobra Back

      Everyone and their brother has barrel-like chest, and big arms are a dime a dozen at almost any gym, but a balanced, fully developed back? Now that is a rarity. Sadly, most lifters are either too dumb to notice they have muscles that don’t show up in the mirror (#WhatAboutBackDay), or they are lazy […]