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  • woman-squatting-round-butt

    The Essential Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Should Squat

      Girlfriends are great for the most part, but it can sometimes be frustrating for a bro to be so passionate about his craft and not his special someone to feel the same desire. We’re of course talking about squatting. Front squat, back squat, hack squat; it doesn’t matter to us. Ladies, all that matters to […]

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  • testosterone

    Our Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Movies

      Testosterone. The single most important hormone for building muscle, losing fat, and being a f*cking winner; and due to some serious science, researchers have discovered that watching certain movies can elevate your levels of man juice by as much as 30%. Not just any movies, the films that do the trick should contain gross amounts of […]

  • Untitled-1

    Fit to Flat: Bodybuilder De-Transformations After Steroid Use

      “Nothing is permanent,” or so the old saying goes, and the saying runs true in bodybuilding, particularly among those who abuse steroids and lead unsustainable lifestyles. Through the decades we’ve seen countless monolithic muscle men walk through the halls of fitness fame, but that success can be all too temporary, as you’ll soon find out. […]

  • fit shaming

    Fat Shaming/Fit Shaming Rant – It’s About That Time

      Fit shaming, fat shaming, everyone just needs to take a step back and stop being so easily offended, but also stop lobbing their insecurities across the internet like a live grenade. What is the root of criticism that isn’t constructive? You got it — insecurity. Society has become so unsure of itself, fostering a […]

  • harrison twins

    The Harrison Twins: Identical Aesthetics

      Today’s bodybuilding and fitness industry is booming, meaning that you see more and more folks who are in shape, and shredded and peeled like a banana julienne salad. But in this case it’s a rather unique situation. Here we have the Harrison twins — two shredded mofo’s, Owen and Lewis. Oh, and did we […]

  • too muscular

    A Real Man’s Rebuttal to Girls Who Think “He’s Too Muscular For Me”

      Most women appreciate a man with muscles, and why wouldn’t they? There is something sexy about a man who can bench press his girlfriend. But if you’re a legit bodybuilder you’ve likely encountered a few girls who weren’t interested because they think you’re too muscular. Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of negativity. Here […]

  • bruce lee

    12 Bruce Lee Quotes That All Bodybuilders Can Agree With

    There are iconic figures that you can always turn to when you need advice in certain aspects of your life. When you’re needing some tough love John Wayne is there with “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” Chuck Norris has words of wisdom for when you need to find your inner chi […]

  • Untitled-1

    The Greatest Legends Videos and Quotes That Will Get You Fired UP

    It’s difficult to keep yourself motivated when you see no results and everything is falling apart. Want to know the best way to keep your fire alive? It’s to remember why you started, and that’s why you must push forward! Here we have some of the most powerful quotes that will feed your hunger and […]