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    7 Secret Methods to Grow Bigger Muscles While Training

      If you’re content with your current body fat percentage, it’s time to know how to grow bigger muscles without becoming fat. Don’t worry, there aren’t any hidden secrets that only the greatest bodybuilders know. All of this is common knowledge used for many year, combined with lots of hard work and determination to give great […]

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    10 Of The Most Amazing Transformations

    We all love a good transformation story, don’t we? When a 400-pound man goes to the gym and drops 250 pounds, we all cheer him on. Why? Because it’s inspiring and motivating. But when a skinny guy, or even an average Joe, goes from 160 pounds to 200 pounds in a couple years, it’s usually […]

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    Does Narcissism Fuel Your Commitment To Work Out?

      Have you ever posted a status update with a bad-ass picture of your swollen muscles, toned abs or strict diet? I definitely have, and I’m sure you have as well. And why shouldn’t we? We have dedicated a good part of our lives to training and dieting, and like every other progress in our […]

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    4 Badass Mindsets From Legendary Athletes

    Most people think great athletes are born great. The truth is that they’re not. They become legendary through ball-busting hard work, tons of experiences, and multiple setbacks. However, some of the greatest athletes that have stepped foot on this planet, the greatest of the great, have qualities that go beyond talent, genetics, nutrition, recovery, work […]

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    How to get a better deadlift in a month

        Whether you’re a gym-bro trying to hone your technique or a powerlifter smashing weights ahead of your next competition, one of the best lifts to train for all-over body transformation is the deadlift. We all know it – some love it, some hate it, many fear it – but picking up heavy weights […]

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    6 Tips To Increase Your Odds Of Working Out

    Have you ever heard that voice? You know the one, it whispers “time to watch Netflix” when it should be roaring out: “Time for leg day!” Many of us have fallen for these alluring words, promising ourselves tomorrow’s extra hard workout will make up for today’s skipped session. Fast forward to tomorrow, and you find […]

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    Fitness Posters That Will Motivate You

    Fitness Posters that Will Motivate You A Fitness Poster There are many ways of how to get motivated for fitness trainings. Fitness posters are one of the most efficient tools for motivation. Whether you train at home or gym, they may help you to stay motivated not only during the training but every time you see […]

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    4 Techniques You Should Use to Build Bigger Biceps With One Exercise

      Almost every bodybuilder knows and performs old-school curls as one of the primary exercises for the biceps. However, if you would ask less experienced lifters about the methods, they would most likely say that you should ‘lift heavy.’ The truth is that there are at least four more techniques that help you get the best […]

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    Fat-Loss Hero Shows The World His Insanely Loose Skin

      We’ve published fat-loss articles before. Inspiring stories of pounds lost on a massive scale, or overcoming physical handicaps, however, this time, it’s not so glamorous. But do we really need more glamor in a fitness community that’s waist deep in narcissism and sinking fast? This warrior dropped 160 pounds because he realized he simply wasn’t […]

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    Not In Prison? How to Benefit From Those Legendary Incarceration Gains

      We’re not going to pretend we know what it’s like to be locked up with too many dudes that probably committed far more violent crimes than you. However, we do know a thing or two about making the best from the cards you’re dealt. The best gains, that is. Bodyweight Background A few names immediately […]