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    5 Things to Avoid if You Want to Become and Stay Fit

      In bodybuilding, you need not only to concentrate on useful things but also avoid what is useless. If you manage to eliminate unnecessary things, by putting in enough hard work, you can expect to see much greater results; whether your goal is to lose weight, grow muscle mass, become healthier, or everything in between. […]

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    Doctors Predicted His Death and See What He Became

      While most of us have excuses to miss our workouts, there are people who come from a far worse state than us and still be able to show the results we only dream of. Losing weight is not an easy thing to do but when you have the required motivation and the will to […]

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    See How This African Beast Got Buff Without Supplements

      People often tend to make excuses when it comes to hitting the gym. Sometimes, we just don’t have that perfect state of mind to go. Other times, we are too fatigued from the last workout, so we skip the gym, especially when it comes to leg day. We think if only we had access […]

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    7 Incredible Benefits of Exercise and Working Out

      You’ve probably heard about how exercising allows even an average person to lose weight, build muscle mass and become stronger. All of these things are amazing, but there are a lot more great things about exercising. Giving your body even a little bit of physical stress can work wonders on not only your physique but […]

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    The Only Four Things You’ll Ever Need to Lose Weight

      Losing weight is hard. Really hard. We all know it, and a lot of us want to do it, but far fewer of us actually succeed. A big reason behind this high rate of failure is a lack of preparation. There are fitness classes in place, communities at hand—either online or in person—and supplements as […]

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    5 Common Curses Secretly Sabotaging Your Gains

      The path to successfully reaching your goal physique is cluttered with many obstacles. Most of these obstacles are usually easy to identify: work getting in the way, unexpected injuries, car problems, jury duty, finding out you accidentally impregnated that stripper in Vegas, etc. Many of these unplanned events can derail your goals without notice. The […]

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    Extend Your Life Expectancy with Weightlifting!

      While many think lifting weights is just for looking like an alpha male on the beach or adding hulk-like strength, it may actually let you live longer! In fact, there are a ton of benefits you can obtain from getting a regular lift in, from improving your heart condition to controlling and metabolizing carbohydrates better. You name […]

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    How Does Your Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

      Have you ever wondered how your birth order affects your personality? If not, you probably didn’t know researchers spend lots of time examining how such a seemingly meaningless factor may change who you are. But as you may realize, every study has flaws, so if the factors listed below aren’t precisely correct, don’t be upset, because your […]

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    Top 10 Most Jacked NFL Players of All Time

      In honor of the best time of the year (Of course I’m talking about the start of football season!) – I wanted to share with you the top 10 most JACKED NFL players of all time. Football players are some of the most insane physical specimens on the planet, but sometimes having the body […]

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    7 Secret Methods to Grow Bigger Muscles While Training

      If you’re content with your current body fat percentage, it’s time to know how to grow bigger muscles without becoming fat. Don’t worry, there aren’t any hidden secrets that only the greatest bodybuilders know. All of this is common knowledge used for many year, combined with lots of hard work and determination to give great […]