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    This Bodybuilder Almost Died And Now Carries His Heart In a Backpack

      Andrew Jones is a 26-year-old bodybuilder who has a big passion for training and enjoying a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. However, in 2012, he felt terrible while jogging, but that feeling soon left. And so, he didn’t pay much attention to it. Unfortunately, two years later, Jones developed a fever and began coughing up blood. As doctors […]

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    How Long Does it Take to Become Fat And Weak?

      It’s good to have days when you can rest and restore your strength, right? After all, we know that you train hard at least four times a week, so exercising puts a great deal of stress on your body. But if you’re one of those who don’t know about how ‘missed’ training days affect your physique, it’s […]

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    52 Year Old Battle Bruised Ronnie Coleman Still Lifts Like A Beast

      Perhaps you know about eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, who won this title more times than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won Mr. Olympia seven times. While both guys are awesome in bodybuilding and other areas of life, we’re going to go ahead and put the focus Coleman. One of the most astonishing things about Coleman is that in recent […]

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    What Varying Your Grip Can Do For Your Bench Press

      Three sets of eight to twelve, two off-days per week, chest on Monday…basic. Expand your horizons, and stop wearing the same matching tank top and shorts. When it comes to gains and longevity, variation is going to do you a few favors. Allow us to outline some for you: Reduced risk of injury A larger […]

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    The App that Pays You to Work Out

      Do you love to exercise or at least do it to achieve fitness/health dreams? Then you probably had days when your motivation was lower than it should be. However, a new app called Sweatcoint, decided to encourage folks to exercise by rewarding them with money. They use an electronic currency called sweatcoints for which you […]

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    7 Fitness Bucket List Goals to Make You a God Among Men

      Ever wondered how it would feel to do something in public so that everyone around you is amazed and awestruck? Yup, that’s right folks, you can do these too. Learning to perform these fitness feats will also make you look better without a shirt on, so we guess that’s a win-win. 1. Muscle ups This is one […]