Use a Pre Workout with L-Theanine to Smash Your Fitness Goals

Adding L-Theanine to your pre workout is a sure fire way of breaking the barrier to new gains and tearing the gym a new one.

We’re huge fans of pre workout supplements at SpotMeBro. In fact we’ve got that many powders and pills in our office that it’s like a scene from a 90s rave.

Why the DEA haven’t burst through the doors yet and confiscated our shakers is beyond us.

Anyway, we digress…

When it comes to the kettlebell crushing, bar-breaking strength with pumps so savage you’d think your arms will burst, pre workout is where it’s at.

L-theanine is a nutrient used in high-quality pre workouts. And if you want to best, most productive smash-the-sh*t-out-of-the-gym sessions, this is the nutrient you need.

Here’s why L-theanine is your go-to supplement for better workouts and faster results.

What is L-theanine?

L-theanine is found naturally in green, black and white tea leaves as well as other plants. It’s also found in fungal Chemical formula for L theaninefoods such as mushrooms.

There isn’t a great deal of L-theanine in the leaves of the tea plant, but it can be increased slightly by shading  the plants from direct sunlight during growth.

And there’s not a huge amount in mushrooms either.

Maybe there’s just not mushroom to fit it in there (facepalm emoji).

As an amino acid analogue, L-theanine is derived from another amino called L-glutamine. It triggers the release of a brain transmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid – what we know better as GABA.

This mean it has a direct effect on your brain and mood.

L-theanine targets your brain and promotes focus and relaxation

By acting directly on your central nervous system, GABA promotes a calming effect. It reduces ‘excitability’, and instead boosts mood and relaxation.

Why would you need relaxation and calm if your aim is to break the gym in half? 

One word… focus.

A big component of effective pre workouts supplements is caffeine. It has to be, because it’s without a doubt the best (legal) stimulant you can get hold of. It supercharges energy levels and helps you rip up the gym time and time again without fail.

Get the right amount of caffiene and you athletic performance will increase ten-fold.

Go that little bit too far though and caffeine will increase your blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate.

You’ll feel anxious, jittery, hot, uncomfortable and irritable.

And that means a sh*tty a$$ workout.  

L theanine tea leaves and powder on white background

‘Smart caffeine’: L-theanine enhances the effects of caffeine

L-theanine takes the caffeine in your body and helps you use it to its maximum potential.

When you add L-theanine to your caffeine pre workout it forms what the industry lovingly refer to as smart caffeine. 

Great buzzword. But it actually works.

L-theanine has an amazing ability to take caffeine by the scruff of the neck and drag to where your body needs energy the most.

No more jitters, no more anxiety. Just cool as f*ck focus, unrelenting motivation and bags of energy that you can actually use.

And it does this without making you drowsy. It simply helps you ‘zone in’ on the job at hand. It stops that post-workout crash too.

If caffeine was the rally car driver, L-theanine is definitely the navigator, telling that jacked up muthaf*cking rally car where to go. And when to stop.

Heavy deadlift 1rm strength

Why should L-theanine be in your pre workout supplement?

Think about the best workout you ever had in your life.

Take your time. We’ll wait because this is important.

Okay, so what made it the gym session to end all gym sessions?

  • The feeling of unbreakable strength?
  • Making the free weights your little bitch?
  • Vascular, pumped-up-to-f*uck muscles?
  • Stamina and endurance that would put you two steps in front of even the best marathon runners?
  • “Dam you’re on form today brah” from your training partner?

We bet it was a goddamn glorious workout.

Now add in some caffeine and L-theanine and crank that notch up even further.

Because that’s what’ll happen.

Not only will you have the strength, the pump and the energy. You’ll also have the mindset, the focus, attention, resolve, concentration and channeled energy.

Research shows just how effect L-theanine is as a pre workout

If you ever listen to your buddy or one of the bro’s down at the gym talk about the supplement stack they take, they might well be giving you the holy grail of knowledge.

Or they might be talking of of their a$$.

When it comes to spunking out your hard earned cash on gym supps, we want to make sure you don’t waste even a dollar. That’s why we give you our opinions based on research, not just the opinions of some dipsh*ts called Troy and Chad.

Boost brain power by triggering alpha wave stimulation

L-theanine significantly increases alpha frequency band activation. This simply means it has the amazing ability to relax your mind without making you feel tired, lethargic or drowsy.

It’s basically ‘chill out but don’t drop out’.

L-theanine provides a potent mix for hitting the gym hard, but with a channeled mind and heightened focus.

It keeps you alert and aroused.

Smart caffeine boosts performance in studies

One pretty cool clinical study found that compared to just caffeine on its own, L-theanine as part of a smart caffeine time bomb improved various cognitive markers including both speed and accuracy performance. 

Reduces anxiety but keeps you alert

Too much caffeine gives you feelings of anxiety and irritability. If you’re gearing up for a heavy set of deadlifts or you’re zoning in for a PR on your squat you need to be right there, focused and ready.

Block everything out.

Just you against the bar.

The good thing about L-theanine is it helps you blank out the noise and keeps you feeling relaxed and prepared. Even if you’re about to stick 220 lbs on your back on go ass to grass.

Regardless of whether or not you suffer from anxiety, smart caffeine helps to keep you relaxed. This can help to reduce tension and injuries during exercise, and may even help promote recovery after your workout too.

Our Best Preworkout Choice With L-Theanine

L theanine pre workout

4 Gauge contains a performance-enhancing 150 mg of caffeine with 200 mg of L-theanine.

You’ve also got other ingredients in there too such as red beet, rhodiola rosea and creatine which only add to the firepower. It’s an explosive combination that’ll give you cardio and muscle gainz in no time.

The range of ingredients are as aggressive and masculine as its name. After all, not every pre workout comes in a shotgun shell.

When it comes to the perfect combination of energy, focus and resilience, this pre workout is guaranteed to get you the results you’re after.

– Tear the gym apart and get 4 Gauge here –

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