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Get Jacked with the Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Gain

Do you want shirt-splitting muscles that are pumped up to f*ck? Hell yes. Of course you do. And a testosterone booster supplement is your number one way to get jacked and gain lean muscle.

To be honest, we don;t give a sh*t about a lot of things.

But we do live our lives to do two things:

The first is to bring you the best information to help you get fitter, leaner and more athletic. You know that already though because you’re a huge fan of the page.

The second is to get jacked as fuark by hitting the gym hard on a daily basis.

And to get all-important muscle mass we know exactly what it takes.

Here’s why you need a natural testosterone booster for muscle gain.

Get Jacked: Gain Muscle Mass and Strength

We’ll spare you the deep, dark science of muscle gain and growth right here, but what you do need to know is this.

When you hit the gym and lift weight, you create miscroscopic damage to your muscle fibers.

The heavier you lift, and the higher the volume your workout is, the more damage you create.

Bro Note: If you didn’t know, volume is just weight lifted multiplied by reps and sets. It’s the primary driver of muscle growth.

Once you leave the gym, this damage starts to repair itself. If you have plenty of calories and enough nutrients, these damaged muscle fibers will grow back bigger and stronger.

The more often you damage them, the more repair and regeneration occurs. This is what’s known in the echoes across the gym floor as the ‘tear and repair process’

If you do this frequently enough you’ll begin to etch out some real muscle mass and strength…

And from there it’s pretty much welcome to the jacked kingdom. It’s invite only, but you are now the prince of all of muscledom sir.

Hulk hogan tensing muscles and ripping shirt

The benefits of natural testosterone

Testosterone is steroid hormone from the androgen family.

It’s produced naturally in your balls and then spurted out into your bloodstream so that you may enjoy the beautiful anabolic benefits that it provides:

  • Masculinity – broad shoulders, square jaw and facial hair that makes panties wetter than Niagara falls.
  • Health – testosterone helps to reduce the risk of vascular, metabolic and cognitive disorders such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
  • Performance – naturally high testosterone levels promote stamina, endurance and athleticism.
  • Sex god skills – with your high libido and your even higher dick, sex drive and performance will be through the roof.
  • Lean mass – testosterone helps muscle gain and promotes bar-bending strength too.

Basically, testosterone makes you who your are – a manly man who is strong as an ox, an athlete on the track, and a goddamn monster in the sack.

When it comes to both health and performance, this is the hormone you need to work on. Without it you’ll be left a flabby, weak a$$ dude who’s probably a cuck too.

You need natural testosterone to grow more muscle

Anyone that takes strength training knows that developing thick, lean and strong muscle mass isn’t easy.

You see guys in the iron house slogging it out every day of the week but never actually getting anywhere. Yeah they train hard – but they not getting that support from their diet, hormones and the all-important x-factor.

To maxmize mass you need to get the right amount of calories, optimal protein and eat like a muthaf*cking horse day in, day out.

But that still doesn’t mean you’ll be dripping in muscle-loving pussy unless you get the right nutrients too.

Natural testosterone boosts muscle mass to crazy levels

When it comes to optimizing the sh*t out of muscle gain, testosterone is crucial.

It speeds up the repair process by elevating what’s called muscle protein synthesis – the making of new muscle cells.

It also supports other anabolic hormone output too. Growth hormone and IGF-1 are both optimized in the presence of testosterone.

But you shouldn’t rely on synthetic drugs to get your hormone levels where they need to be.

Steroids will f*ck your shit up.

They’re effective, but they’ll leave you with bitch tits, acne, depression and more than likely heart failure too.

Not cool.

So how do you boost testosterone levels safely and start to see real muscle mass without steds?

That’s where testosterone boosters come in my brah.

muscular bodybuilder taking supplement testosterone booster pills

Testosterone boosters for muscle mass

Natural testosterone boosters supplements contain herbs, vitamins and minerals. They don’t pump you full of synthetics, but instead trigger your body into making more of its own anabolic hormones.

This means more gains, less side effects.

It’s all about finding the right ingredients when it comes to optimizing your hormone profile though. While some will get your balls overflowing with testosterone, others will leave you short changed and weak as f*ck..

Best testosterone booster ingredients for muscle gain and strength

  • Vitamin D3 – pretty much every elite athlete uses the ‘sixth steroid hormone’. That’s because it reduces fatigue, enhances muscle repair and improves lean mass levels.
  • D-aspartic acid – As an amino acid, D-AA is responsible for restoring muscle protein synthesis and repair. It’s been shown to significantly increase testosterone levels too.
  • Magnesium – Although this mineral is more famous for its recovery and relaxation benefits, it’s also hugely important for skeletal muscle power and keeping muscle-damaging enzymes as low as possible.
  • Zinc – much like magnesium, this mineral is important for overall physical performance. It helps ramp up strength and aids with muscle growth and repair too.

At this point you’re itching to get your hands on some nutrient-packed, testosterone-enhancing supplements.

And rightly so.

Knowing the clear link between your natural anabolic hormone levels and muscle mass, we don’t blame you.

No more weak physique. It’s gainz from here forward.

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