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Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

We’ve found, reviewed and ranked the best testosterone boosters available, to bring you the most effective supplements


  1. hi my name is Austin, 19 years old, skinny guy, so now I want to build my body and become a well known bodybuilder. which supplements I must apply to my body to make it grow faster and faster. I’ll love if you can some points and help me to start this journey because I’m already on the door…. please help I need your help.

    1. Hello Austin. We’d recommend getting some decent protein into your diet. Ideally from clean sources but protein shakes work well.
      For muscle building our top supplement in natural testosterone booster TestoFuel. Available from . This will help you pack on lean muscle and cut away some belly fat.

  2. I am a 54 year old man looking for a solution to gain my physique back and get more stamina built back up. I have a problem taking pills ,so which do you recommend to help in my quest? Thx for any help you can provide.

    1. Hi Douglas, this is a great question, thanks for reaching out. Apart from having a solid training plan that’s suited to your current level of fitness, and goals, you can also use a quality Testosterone Booster which could give you the lift you need to get back into the gym. If you find it difficult to swallow tablets, you can always empty the capsule into a glass of water, juice, or coffee to make it easier to take.

      Check out this articles to get you started:

  3. I am 50 and have low T …been tested. What do you have to say to all those articles out there that say testosterone boosting suppliments don’t work and really just improve libido, and a maybe energy.

  4. What would you recommend, or at least give mention to, regarding a very healthy testosterone supplement for someone with a jpouch? (I had my colon removed 17 years ago; I am dairy free, gluten free and nut, seed free.)

    1. Of course they can Bella, both men and WOMEN can benefit from testosterone boosters! Such as increased strength, energy, and muscle recovery.

  5. Hi my names Graham. I’ve suffered with Gyno for most of my adult life. Even when I’ve lost a ton of weight , those two unhelpful bags of fat are still there. To save me 4 to 6 grand on liposuction or surgery, will an estrogen blocker and testosterone booster help. I’ve also heard of a cream called andractim that can help , but they are expensive. Any advice would be great . Thanks.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Thanks for reaching out buddy. Sorry to hear about your situation. First off, what I’d suggest is to forget about creams, they are a waste of money unless you are trying to moisturize your body – which I guess you’re not. As for estrogen blockers, the same goes here – but testosterone boosters on the other hand, they work with your body instead of against it to give you everything your body is missing – it sounds like it’s the missing piece to your puzzle. Bear in mind Graham, you’ll need to pay close attention to your diet – aim to cut down on refined carbohydrates and simple sugars – these are terrible for testosterone production and weight gain. If you drink more water, eat a balanced diet, and exercise occasionally while supplementing with you’ll soon be back on track. All the best!

  6. I’ll be 31 this year and my belly is getting out of hand. I’ve cut way way back on my soda intake to maybe one or two a day most days and I’m drinking way more water than ever. Seems this belly is here to stay lol. I’m working on a better diet and I’m also gonna start back working out. This belly is a serious drag I hate it and I need it gone asap. What’s gonna be my best option in a test booster. I don’t want t to get all crazy buying fat burning pills and other foolery but I thing a test booster will help me all around. I’m high anxiety low energy poor sleeping over eating father of 4 and im currently in barber school. I need to make changes for my family and myself as well as my profession. Please help. (Belly is my only problem area I’m 30yrs olf 6ft 180lbs)

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for reaching out, looks like you’re in a difficult situation here, but don’t worry, you can turn it around. For starters I would focus on getting your stress under control, this has a direct impact on your T-levels. Then look at your diet. Try to eat healthy fats, along with good carbs, and proteins. I’d recommend cutting down on anything containing sugar – again it’s testosterone worst nightmare. If you really want to kick it up a gear, and it sounds as if you do, we recommend using – its’ by far the best natural testosterone booster on the market – you won’t be disappointed! Good luck my friend.

  7. Hi I’m Dean I’ve been at gym for over two years now and I can’t seem to get the body I want. So my question is what booster supplements can I use to get the body I want in a faster way

    1. Hi Dean, thanks for reaching out bro! While testosterone boosters will help increase your T levels, strength, and libido, you need to make sure you’re eating the right foods and exercising in the right way. What is your current diet and workout plan? Maybe we can help? If you’re serious about getting in shape, a quality testosterone booster can certainly help. If you have a look at our top testosterone booster page, you’ll see TestoFuel is our best choice. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to write back! All the best bro, don’t give up, you can do it!

  8. Hey there, I’m an ectomorph hard gainer and Id like to know if test hd could really help me to gain some pounds. I’ve read plenty of reviews of this product, some great and some really bad reviews so I’m confused and since Iive in a really difficult to reach place, this is my only option in test boosters. Really thankful for your reply.

  9. Hi I’m Eddie I’m 35 about 165 at 5’9″ I just got back into working out and I would love to get my weight and physic back quicker plus a little more energy in the gym would be helpful what advise could you give me

  10. I have been searching quite a while for a testosterone booster that could help me in a few different ways yet not to be too expensive. Over the years, I have experienced a low irritability tolerance(meaning it doesn’t take much to send me “over the top”) and have moods swings due to negative situations. I would like to be more at peace with myself & around others(without trying to fake it).I don’t usually have a lot of energy at work & rely on energy drinks. I also have a lower sex drive due to what I believe is low blood flow. I am 43 years old and am not over weight, but could stand to tone up and lose a little around the waist. If this site is legit, I would like to know your opinion on what I have disclosed & what you recommend.

  11. Hi i was jus wondering what supplements should i take now im really impressed with testo fuel comments right now i m talking fish oil , whole food multi ,nutrafol for hair it is basically a dht blocker becoz i m having male pattern baldness which is in half way getting better now with prp and Nutrafol both natural after an intensive research. Is it ok to take testosterone booster when u are on dht blocker supplements anyways im 40yrs old male plz reply it will help me a lot i have bad energy levels,declining muscle mass joint pain weak bones plz help

  12. Hi, my name is Riza, I was lifting while using a whey protein last couple of years. And I didn’t lift for last 6 months my body weight rapidly decreased. My muscles got smaller. Lost my shape. Can you tell me once I take this pills eventually that will help me to maintain above things?

  13. Do any of these said testosterone booster have 90% saponins in, i hear when they have 90% saponins in, they the best all round

  14. I am 61 and working on getting in the best shape of my life. I do have low testosterone. I like many of these test boosters. My question is, for my age, which one of these will be best for me to build muscle and increase my testosterone levels?
    I am type 2 diabetic, if that makes a difference.

    I appreciate all the information you have provided.

    1. Hi Curtis,

      Our awards and reviews are all written and decided based on up to date scientific research. As we are aware there are no adverse relationship between our top choices and men with type 2 diabetes. TestoFuel for example should help elevate your T and increase muscle building.
      However, before taking any supplements it is highly recommended you speak to a trained medical professional. We also cannot accept any liability if you do choose to take a supplement.


  15. Hi didn’t see GNC testosterone supplement as one of the favorite products to build testosterone. Does this product provide benefits or is it an also ran with little benefit?

  16. It’s a great source of knowledge; I think it will be helpful for lot of people who are looking for best testosterone boosters. Thank you very much for sharing this article, this is really helpful for me, thanks again and looking for more in future!

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