Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Men 2019

Improve your training with the best pre-workout on the market right now!


The supplement industry has spawned many types of workout supplements. Many of them are effective and beneficial to building muscle and achieving lean muscle mass.

Sometimes, you just need to flip a switch and go absolutely insane in the gym. Enter pre-workout.

Essentially, there are two types of pre-workout supplements that are on the market, namely stimulant and non-stimulant pre-workout supplements.

Stimulant vs. Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout

It is considered practical to use non-stimulant supplements as these do not contain taurine, inositol or any ingredient that keeps the body awake.

Remember that optimized muscle growth can only happen if the body is getting proper rest.

Pre-workout supplements that feature stimulating properties should only be taken during daytime so as not to affect your normal sleeping pattern.

A quality pre-workout will give you that extra push to get in the gym and give it your all.

Feeling tired, sluggish? Grab a scoop and you’re ready to go. Grab two scoops and you’re practically the Roadrunner. Grab three scoops and you’re on the moon (Not recommended.)

Essentially, pre workout supplements are formulated to provide the following results:

  • Greatly improve performance during workout
  • Significant increase in strength and stamina
  • Increase the endurance levels so you can maximize workouts all the time
  • Improve the rate of protein synthesis
  • Heightened sense of focus
  • Enhanced nutrient delivery, absorption, and assimilation

Aside from supplements that contain stimulants, we also have non stimulant pre workout products. Obviously, these bodybuilding supplements do not contain stimulants such as caffeine, taurine, and inositol (among others, wink wink.).

he benefit from taking non-stimulant supplements is that bodybuilders are guaranteed to enjoy restful sleeps in the evenings which in turn prepares the body for yet another workout the next day.

Choose your pre-workout carefully, and don’t try to be a superhero on your first dose. It’s not going to magically turn you into Phil Heath, but it’ll help…

Instant Beast Mode

When using pre-workout supplement it is most important to set goals for the day otherwise the entire training session will pass you by and you’ll be like “What just happened?” What are you going to be training on a given day, and how hard do you want to push?

You will also need to remain focused on the quality of exercise and the diet that you have placed on yourself. Don’t lose sight of proper form just because you’re feeling the adrenaline rush of a thousand spider bites rushing through your veins.

An hour might feel like a matter of minutes when you’re rushing from set to set like a crazed madman, but the quality of your workout remains the most important aspect.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top picks, and some of the highest rated pre-workouts on the market: 

Our ScoreValueQuick Summary
4Gauge$$$$Energy to annihilate your workout with an insane pump
Pre JYM$$$$No proprietary blends, proper doses
Pre-Kaged$$$Supports cognitive function, mood, blood flow to the brain
Cellucor C4$$$$Explosive energy and unbelievable muscle pumps
Gold Standard Pre-Workout$$$Caffeine from natural sources, free from banned substances
ENGN$$$$Patented Capsimax, fermented BCAA’s
Xtreme Shock N.O.$$$Amplifies massive muscle pumps and enhances thermogenic fat loss
Assault$$Anti-fatigue and lactic acid buffer
SUPERSET™$$No proprietary blends or hyped up ingredients
ANARCHY$$$Explosive energy, intensity, and focus




3. NITROSURGE PreWorkout – by Jacked Factory