The Grossest Synthol Freaks On The Internet


Feast your eyes on our latest freakshow gallery of Synthol abusers from around the world. Forget about tone, forget about definition, forget about symmetry, forget about strength, all that matters to these gentlemen is having the biggest, gnarliest, most pillow-y biceps on the entire internet. Body dysmorphia comes in all shapes in sizes, but these guys* only come in two: big and weird.

The fact of the matter is these oddly enlarged muscle bellies are the result of a class of products known as “site enhancing oils”. These oils, which came into existence around 25 years ago, are widely available on the internet through a variety of distribution channels. The most famous of which being “Synthol” AKA “PumpNPose”.

Other known brands of this product are Syntherol, EsikClean, Nuclear Nutrition Site Oil, Cosmostan and Liquid Muscle. They are completely legal, and all these brands are available on Amazon, see for yourself!

When used judiciously it is the subject of great controversy in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Bodybuilders can utilize these oils to make subtle changes in lagging muscle groups that can be difficult to detect by appearance alone.

When used recklessly, the result is a freakshow.

UPDATE: We’ve added a fresh new batch of these sideshow wannabes. For some reason, there’s more and more of them popping up every week. Will they ever learn?

  • Step 1: Inject heroic amounts of Synthol into your body to pretend that you’re strong.
  • Step 2: Get put on blast at SMB.

He’s struggling to lift it, you can tell…


Careful bro, you might pop.


The type of guy who buys a Rolls Royce body kit for his Honda Civic.


Thinks people stare at him cos they’re ‘mirin. They’re not.


She’s like “WTF”.



Tons more new pics on the next page: 

It’s all starting to make sense now.



Nice ink bro.



Spotted one of them in the wild.


Synthol: Origin Story


We’re just getting started…




These substances are injected directly into the target muscles, where they stretch muscle fascia. The theory is that as they are broken down by the body over a period of several months, the space left by them is replaced with new muscle tissue growth. Upon injection, roughly 70% of the oil remains in the muscle, while the other 30% is absorbed into the body as lipids. These substances do not inherently contain any androgenic steroids although users of site enhancing oils are of course far more likely to use performance enhancing drugs. As with any non-medically administered injectable, usage carries high risks.



It gets worse…






Now it’s time for some classics:


It begs the question. Do they know that they aren’t fooling anyone, or are they deluded into thinking people can’t tell? Do they care? It’s like the 90lb woman who starves herself yet still sees a whale when she looks in the mirror. Rational people can’t make sense of it, it’s a sickness, a disease… Should we oogle at these people like freakshows, or look on with sympathy?









Ready to fall in love? Check out the last page…


Any synthol users among us? Leave a comment and let us know why you did this. What were you hoping for? What were your expectations? Are you satisfied with the results? If you could go back in time, would you make the same choice? There are so many questions left to be answered.


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  1. This is a disgusting shame, what happens to these young men when they become elderly, if they last that long. These companies are getting rich from lying to these men saying it’s safe. Ask any medical doctor!

    • From a Woman’s prospective it is the biggest turn off to look at a man and see this….you literally look like your in pain or very uncomfortable you can’t even put your hands to your sides….they look like complete idiots and the only woman that be interested in this is a self proclaimed body builder herself because no average woman be attracted to this….smfh

  2. These guys are totally fuckin ridiculous, and they try to bullshit saying its just steroids or all natural, that friggin oil getting to their brains.

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