TestoFuel – Premium Testosterone Booster Review

Healthy testosterone levels are what make us alpha. So, we reviewed a premium product promising to raise your masculinity above the bar.

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You’ve been doing everything right, but results aren’t happening. Damn, you’ve tried every supplement under the sun and hitting the iron like you never have before. Still, you’re in a plateau and some days you think you’re going backward.

Despite cleaning up your act in the kitchen, belly fat is back to haunt you and your pecs aren’t popping like you remember. Maybe you’re getting older or maybe it’s stress. Whatever’s going on, it’s bugging you.

Sound familiar? Well, it could be that whoever the above bro is, he might be suffering from low testosterone. Believe it or not, sub-par T is quite common too, especially when men strike 30.

If you haven’t guessed, low T is a big deal. Because that’s the androgen hormone right there that makes us men. Big, strong, powerful alphas who dominate as nature intended.

So, understandably, when the time came to try a testosterone booster we were filled with questions. Firstly, what even is a T booster? Secondly, is it a steroid? Then, of course, we wanted to know first hand what it does.

So, we decided to give TestoFuel a full 90-day trial to find out.

  The Lowdown: TestoFuel Review Preview

Science & Background

  • Testosterone – A Powerful (M)Androgen
  • What is a testosterone booster?
  • Is it a steroid?

TestoFuel Review

  • Supplement Profile – Why TestoFuel?
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness – Did TestoFuel work?
  • What about other people? – Testimonials
  • Conclusion 

Bro, we know this review is in-depth, but it’s split into two sections. So if you’re not interested in the science, jump straight to the TestoFuel Review: Supplement Profile section. You’ll find all you need to know about our findings there.

Science & Background

The chemical make up of Testosterone

Testosterone – A Powerful (M)Androgen

Before we start looking at how to boost testosterone we should first understand what it is. Even if you’re an expert on all things man, stick around because you might learn something new. After all, T is an essential hormone that has so many important biological functions.

Testerone is what makes us men, simple as that. It’s our primary sex hormone and plays a key part in how we develop from weedy boys into fully grown adult alphas.

High levels of T spark serious muscle mass growth when we train hard. [1] It’s also the reason our voice deepens and why men grow thick beards on top of a strong jaw.

Assertiveness is another key characteristic of thriving testosterone production. Think of your stereotypical big, strong, confident pack leader and you have a man full of T.

Here’s a checklist of traits associated with high-testosterone:

  • Fast muscle growth
  • Lean body composition – low body fat
  • Recovers quickly between workouts 
  • Strong erections
  • Healthy libido
  • Confidence
  • High energy levels

In 10 seconds: Testosterone is the powerful male sex hormone responsible for masculine traits.


What happens when Testosterone levels fall?

For many men, these aforementioned things come quite naturally. Both literally, and figuratively. Young men in their 20s especially are in their testosterone production prime.

Normal levels for men usually reside between 240-950 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) depending on age. [2] As we get older, these levels usually drop by  1-3% every year. Low-levels of testosterone caused by stress or otherwise can be diagnosed as hypogonadism.

Here’s another checklist, this time for symptoms of low-test:

  • Slow and impaired muscle building
  • Gynecomastia (man-boobs)
  • Increased body fat
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced height
  • Poor libido
  • Lack of energy
  • Depression

Understandably, hypogonadism is no joke. It can happen to anyone, but some men are more susceptible than others. Sometimes guys have to be prescribed medicinal doses of testosterone just to bring them back to normal levels. If you’ve felt any of the above warning signs, keep reading, bro.

In 10 seconds: Testosterone levels naturally fall as men age. However, stress, poor lifestyle choices and illness can make them plummet sooner.

What is a Testosterone Booster?

male with high testosterone showing muscular physique

Exactly what it says on the box, bro. A testosterone booster is a product designed to keep your androgens firing on all cylinders. Not all are created equal, and some are definitely worth your money more than others.

What sets them apart is their ingredient profile. Certain compounds are proven by science to positively support healthy testosterone production, so it’s all about whether they’re included or not. TestoFuel, for example, contains Zinc [3] and Vitamin D3 [4] – proven T optimizers.

People who buy a testosterone booster are required to take the recommended dose. Then, if it’s a good worthwhile product, it will soon begin to take effect.

In the short term, users might just feel more energized, be able to sleep better and experience a better sex life. Over time though, testosterone boosters can keep T at an all-time peak, meaning the user can build lean mass much easier and reduce their body fat.

Plus, we should probably mention that anyone who’s an adult can use testosterone boosters. Even if your test is at a healthy high, there are still benefits to be had. Even some of the younger bros felt them and they’re already jacked to the nines, bro.

In 10 seconds: Testosterone boosters naturally raise T levels by providing it with effective compounds and nutrients.

“Okay, cool, so is TestoFuel a steroid?” – Every bro right now

We’re gonna level with you, bro. SpotMeBro is a strictly natty site and has been since day one. Steroids are dangerous and not just because they give you a bulging belly.

Anabolic steroids can lead to unwanted acne, tren cough, inabilities to produce testosterone naturally, loss of erections, the growth of internal organs, depression, ‘roid rage’, and death. Not thanks bro, we’ll stick with scientifically studied supplements. You know, stuff that won’t kill us.

So, to answer your question, TestoFuel is not a steroid. It is a premium product available directly from the manufacturer that is proven to be safe. It is not a dose of Testosterone itself, more like a facilitator to get your body back to it’s best.

Testosterone is ridiculously powerful. So much so that it is the base of almost all steroids used to enhance performance. But, rather than offer a dangerous dose of illegal substances, TestoFuel is a natural alternative.


TestoFuel Review

TestoFuel boxes

Supplement Profile – Why TestoFuel?

One of the reasons we decided to give TestoFuel a trial run was it’s all natural profile. Unlike many other supplement companies, the creators were not afraid to showcase every single ingredient. For us, this was a massive plus-sign, as we’re not a fan of proprietary blends.

You’ll find proprietary blends on the side of shady supplement bottles for a very specific reason. Whoever made them do not want you to know exactly what’s in there. It’s really as simple as that, bro.

When SpotMeBro picked up the TestoFuel bottle we noticed a clear label. Each dose was there for the world to see. To us, this screams confidence. The creators don’t try to hide anything, they’re proud of their product.

Plus, TestoFuel offers a full 90-day money back guarantee. Again, this just showed how confident they were of their product working.

10 Second Blast: TestoFuel has an impressive nutrient profile and 90-day money back guarantee.

What’s in TestoFuel – Ingredients

TestoFuel is packed full of naturally-occurring, test-boosting ingredients in a formula created using up-to-date studies. We felt like we were trying something modern and cutting edge, not some old snake oil salesman concoction.

Here’s what’s in it:

Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU

Sometimes referred to as the sixth steroid, vitamin D3 is awesome for optimizing testosterone. We naturally create it inside our bodies when we come into contact with sunlight.

What TestoFuel have done so well with this product is include a whole 5000 IU of D3 in one serving. According to studies 3 332 IU of this ingredient is needed to significantly raise T.


Vitamin K2 – 18 mcg

Typically found in red meat, egg yolks, and liver, K2 kickstarts hormone release. Also known as ‘menaquinone’, K2 works hand in hand with D3 to increase testosterone production.

We thought K2 was pretty cool because studies have shown 5 weeks of supplementation led to a 70% increase in circulating testosterone. [5]


Vitamin B6 – 5 mg

We’ve all heard B vits are good for a man’s health, especially our eyes, hair, skin, and liver. Plus, B6 especially helps the blood transport oxygen, playing a big part in energy upkeep.

B6 also reduces estrogen (female sex hormone) build up, meaning that our T can work unrestricted.


Magnesium 200 mg

Low magnesium leads to zapped energy, sh*t recovery, and reduced force in the gym. All in all, it’s essential for every bro.

So we liked the inclusion of magnesium in TestoFuel. It shows they know their audience is going to be working out like a mutha on a mission to get stacked. Plus, it’s been proven to elevate testosterone too.


TestoFuel ingredients in bowl
Image: testofuel.com


Zinc 10 mg

Including Zinc is a biggie for us. If we weren’t gonna find it, it’d be a major downgrade on our overall score. Why? Because Zinc has the power to tell your testes exactly what to do. Fortunately, it tells them to release testosterone in the bloodstream.

If that wasn’t enough, zinc deficiencies cause androgen receptors to become inefficient. [6] Obviously, this makes zinc inclusion a massive bonus.


D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) 2300 mg

For those of you who’ve come here for gainz, check this out. DAA is an amino acid that kickstarts growth hormone production, meaning it’s a must-have for muscle hungry bros.

Plus, it’s known to boost parts of the brain that regulates hormone release. One of the main hormones it effects is the luteinizing hormone, which is released from the pituitary and tells the testes to make more testosterone.

One study even showed that 90 days of DAA supplementation saw an average increase in T levels by 30-40%. [7]  Thank the lord Arnie for that 2300 mg serving, bro.


Asian Red Panax Ginseng 100 mg

Until trying TestoFuel we’d never heard of this little herb before. We wish we had done though because it’s known to elevate mood and improve cognitive function.

But we’re guessing it’s also been included because short-term studies have shown Ginseng raises T.


Fenugreek Seed 100 mg

Pretty much everyone in the SMB had heard of fenugreek beforehand. After all, do you know how tasty that stuff is bro? It’s what gives many Asian dishes a slightly bitter, yet sweet and spicy taste.

But our guess is that TestoFuel includes fenugreek due to its magnesium, zinc and selenium content. Not to mention it helps keep sex hormone binding globulin under control, so your testosterone can have free reign to work.


Oyster Powder 100 mg

Known as a favorite food of horny rich dudes for centuries, oyster is a real aphrodisiac. Maybe that has something to do with its zinc content, which is 10 times higher than a beef steak.

We didn’t take TestoFuel for our sexual function. But we should probably mention we experienced improvements in our libido and performance in the bedroom.

In 10 Seconds: All of TestoFuel’s ingredients are scientifically proven to raise testosterone.


Effectiveness – Did TestoFuel work?

TestoFuel box, capsules, and bottle

SMB kept our diet and routines the same for the whole 90 days. We also slept our usual zeds of around eight hours a night. To us, this was the only way we could make the test fair.

We also took the recommended dosage, of course. In total, we had to consume four small red pills with a snack of some kind each day.

First Impressions

At first, we didn’t feel too much. Noticeable size didn’t appear suddenly and our beards weren’t instantly thicker. However, we did sleep a whole lot better and wake up easier in the mornings. Our mood improved too.

Next, we started to notice our energy levels pick up. Maybe it was that we were sleeping and recovering better, but we could work out harder for sure.

It kind of took us back to when we’d hit the gym hard for hours at a time. Fortunately, the zinc and magnesium helped us recover quickly so we didn’t overtrain. At this point, we were optimistic about our remaining TestoFuel’d weeks.

In the Mix

After a few weeks, we noticed a change in our body. We’d been so focused on smashing the workouts we’d not really honed in on our physique. Belly fat seemed to have moved first, then at the hips, and our pecs were becoming impressively defined.

Fast forward to half-way through the trial and lean mass had significantly increased, especially up top. We were able to keep stepping up the weight on the bar too, due to feeling extra energy and drive.

We’re not going to say we tore our shirts off by breathing. But we’d clocked progress in muscle size at this point and felt excited to keep growing. Maybe it was the high-T assertiveness starting to shine through.

Again, another big bonus was our mood. We didn’t feel deflated when we hit hump-day anymore or need four coffees just to function. This translated well to our day-to-day living as we’d developed a real ‘get up and go’ attitude.

adult athlete with high testosterone levels

On the Home Straight

As we got towards the latter part of our TestoFuel trial things got a bit more serious. Now we were in a whole new routine of training hard and recovering better than we had for years.

Our consistent improvement in mood (especially in the morning) meant we had extra energy to strike the day. This gave us the drive to get back in the gym every day for consistent improvements. Again, we felt alert and assertive in an extremely alpha-male way, without being a douchebag.

What really struck us now was our body composition. Definition started to become much more of a reality in hard to hit spots like the lower abs, mid-back, and around the side of the tricep. It was hard to walk past a mirror without flexing.

Should we mention the bedroom? Yeah, TestoFuel played a part here. Not that we thought we had any issues, but things certainly went up a notch. Ultimately, this naturally relieved stress and elevated our T further. Win, win, amigo.


What about other people? – Testimonials

Want to know how it affected other bros? After all, we’re not clones.

We wanted to know too. So we went out in search of testimonials or other men who’d given TestoFuel a full 90-day run.

Bro, it was a lot easier than we anticipated. All we had to do was head over to the TestoFuel website and read through their own testimonials page. On there we found a bunch of different dudes, all in various stages of fitness, talking about the product.

Robby Robinson (a.k.a. Mr. Lifestyle) was the first person we saw. As a star of bodybuilding’s golden age, Robby won Mr. Olympia five times and was hailed Mr. Universe four. We were impressed to see someone of his caliber associate themselves with TestoFuel so kept on reading.

You can see what these men have to say for yourself right here. Plus, what stood out to SMB was TestoFuel’s decision to include a tonne of before and after photographs. If you’re wondering how your body could look, you don’t need to go anywhere else.


Image: testofuel.com/our-testimonials/
TesoFuel user Brendan Bodkins USA before and after shots taken from testofuel.com
Image: testofuel.com/our-testimonials/

Conclusion – The Final Word

In short, we’ve been blown away. We thought that testosterone wasn’t playing such a big part in our lives but, honestly bro, we were dead wrong. You can bet we’re going to keep taking TestoFuel for the foreseeable future to keep our natural T levels sky-high.

Our muscle mass increased over the 90 days, turning our average bulk into an armor-like physique we’re proud of. Stubborn body fat burned away too, which helped give our new muscle popping definition and detail.

We’re not ashamed to say our sex life improved either. We had all the energy we needed, especially when it mattered the most. This really increased our pride, confidence, and sense of uber-manliness.

Our overall mood was faultless. Our new outgoing ‘up for any challenge’ attitude was noted by our friends and co-workers too. Apparently, we got much easier to be around, and if anything, became more fun.

Finally, would we recommend TestoFuel to our fellow bros? God damn, yes! We can’t get enough of the stuff and have decided to include it into our SMB stack for life.

>> Buy Testofuel now! <<

Good luck with the gainz, brah.


  1. Griggs, R., Kingston, W., Jozefowicz, R., Herr, B., Forbes, G. and Halliday, D. (1989). Effect of testosterone on muscle mass and muscle protein synthesisJournal of Applied Physiology, 66(1), pp.498-503.
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