7 Celebrities Who Probably Used Steroids



When athletes get caught using performance enhancing drugs, they are often subject to the modern day equivalent of a public execution.

What about the use of  steroids  in the entertainment industry?
In an industry where drug use and depravity seem to go hand in hand, We suspect that there usage is more widespread then many would believe. There certainly isn’t much moral reason that celebs would avoid the juice. We intend on blowing the whistle on this non-athlete steroid scandal. And we’re not going to let our total lack of evidence stop us one bit.

 Dr. Dre

Before & After:
Here’s Dre in the studio back in the day, looking like he’s been letting his Chronic munchies get the better of him:

… and here’s Dre presenting at the VMAs looking absolutely massive. His  fat head now looks disproportionately small compared with the rest of his muscular body:

The Real Talk:

Dre claims to spend up to two hours in the gym everyday lifting. Regardless of our stance on the optimum length of a training session, we are confident the good doctor has been hitting the iron hard when not busy pedaling headphones. A Los Angeles Times article reports he had cut his body fat from 29 percent to around 6 percent in the last few years, and also describes Dre pumping his arms and saying, “I feel like I can kick a brick wall down now.”  We do have inside information that Dr. Dre receives personal training from natural bodybuilder Stan McQuay.

While the L.A. Times article doesn’t come down on either side of the steroid debate, we’re going to side with the hip-hop bloggers, who have taken the much bolder stance of, “n*gga look like the incredible hulk. gay shit,” and more specifically, “yeah dre is full of that act right JUICE. Lol”. Well said fine sirs!

Carrot Top

Before & After:

Once upon a time Carrot Top was just your normal bizarrely hideous redheaded comedian.

If Carrot Top was not scary looking enough, he had to go and get absolutely shredded up and actually transformed himself into a monster from a horror movie:

The Real Talk:

Carrot Top  has been lifting weights seriously for as many as 15 years. He has this video which is supposed to detail his diet and workout routine. However, Top seems confused by the high-protein cooking ingredients and doesn’t seem to know how to work most of the exercise machines: (See How Carrot Top Got His Physique) According to some bodybuilding sources close to us, the bulging veins all over The Carrot’s pasty body are a pretty strong indicator that he’s getting chemical assistance other than the two-drink minimum at the comedy club. Vascularity: The degree to which your veins bulge through your skin.


Charlie Sheen

Before & After:
Charlie Sheen as a skinny stockbroker in Wall Street

Then, when cast to play the parody Rambo role in Hot Shots! Part Deux

… he added some serious mass and looked like he could slaughter everyone on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor with his bare hands.

The Real Talk:
With Sheen’s storied history of drug use it’s easy to imagine he took some chemical shortcuts.

The Claim is that Sheen went from the Before to After in Only 5 months with the help of the late K.R. “Panther” Thomas by following this cross-training routine, six days a week for five weeks:

 Morning : Sheen would get up at 5am and run three to four miles, then have a protein shake for breakfast. Next came 90 minutes of martial arts training — Chinese wushu and Chinese boxing — followed by a 30-minute rest. Finally, he would end the morning with 90 minutes to two hours of basic weight training. Afternoon: Lunch was typically made up of broiled fish or chicken and steamed vegetables, followed by a massage and whirlpool (damn celebrities…). After that, he had one more hour of martial arts — he was preparing for the opening fight scene in Hot Shots . Another 30 minutes of rest followed, then 90 minutes of yoga. Finally, he did another hour and a half of weight training, so in a sense he also had a double split bodybuilding cycle like Stallone. Dinner was a lighter version of lunch and he was in bed by 9:30 or 10pm.

Sounds like a solid workout plan for overall fitness, but does not explain the large amount of mass he gained. The role called for a Rambo look and his salary for the film gave him 4 million one dollar reasons. We’re curious to know exactly what is in his “Tiger Blood”?

Christian Bale

Before & After:

Here’s Christian Bale as a translucent skeleton in The Machinist

… and then he was cast to play Batman, so he needed to bulk up.


Damn. And, he only had six motherfing months to do it. That’s 120 pounds to 220 pounds in half a year.

The Real Talk:

So let’s get this straight: 100 lbs. of clean mass in 6 months. 16.6 lbs gain/month?  It is a bit of a stretch to assume this could be done naturally. It is reported that he worked out utilizing explosive power movements, compound exercises, agility, and speed training all in the hopes of becoming a more realistic superhero.

In order to achieve this miraculous weight gain, Bale claims he had gorged himself as quickly and as often as possible on ice cream, pizza and milkshakes, often eating five meals in a sitting, and worked out steadily. Bale was so excited about eating pizza after his Machinist diet of cigarettes and shoe leather, that he reportedly got too big and had to cut down for Batman.  Bale is a sworn method actor and an intense motherfer so we don’t doubt he has the ability to put in serious work at the gym. Being a method actor means that doing a whole bunch of crazy shit to your body is just part of the process. Bale got real-life skinny because his character in The Machinist was insanely skinny, so it might stand to reason that he would only take steroids if Bruce Wayne took steroids.

What we can’t get over is the claim that he got that physique on ice cream, pizza and milkshakes? If you’re going to show up on set looking like that, at least come up with a more believable diet.

Which Child Star is most likely to suffer from Roid Rage?

Danny Bonaduce

Before & After:

Watch as Danny Bonaduce evolves from normal little freckled kid …

… to a pudgy adult…

… to some kind of sun burned over the hill exotic dancer.

The Real Talk:

“I never lie to my listeners and I couldn’t be more pro steroids. I took them just to be bigger and stronger, but according to the medical reports they are good for you if used properly. I started using steroids when I was on the TV show “The Other Half” and had to stand next to Mario Lopez all day who was ripped, so I wanted to look as good as him. I’ve take much worse drugs and I’m lucky to be alive, but based on all the reports I’ve read I believe that done in moderation steroids are indeed good for you.” –Danny Bonaduce (prowrestling.net)

Umm… that was easy.

In regards to his training:

“I try and change it up a lot. Some weeks it’s push-pull, some weeks it’s max reps, some weeks its max weight, and always cardio and abs. I also like to train like a boxer. It wasn’t so much a regimen as much as I made pretty good friends with some of the big boys at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. I used to train at Lou Ferrigno’s house in Santa Monica as well.”–Danny Bonaduce

The dude definitely has some issues, Here are some weird videos of Danny getting into fights:

Which actor gained 30 lbs. in 3 months for this violent role…

 Edward Norton

Before & After:

Edward Norton as a skinny little punk accused of murder in Primal Fear

… and soon after emerged in American History X as a racist bodybuilder who looked like he could bring back segregation with a single flex of his biceps.


The Real Talk

Edward Norton claims that he worked out for three months and ate lots of protein to add the 30 pounds of muscle for the role. We don’t buy it. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger, a close friend of Mr. Norton’s was concerned and had contacted him to ask if he was using anabolic steroids in his preparation for the the film.  American History X‘s main character Derek Vineyard needed to be a jacked and menacing figure in order to be a terrifying nazi. And, let’s be honest,  if white supremacists all looked like the “before” picture up there, it’d be hard to take racism seriously.

There has been a lot of digging in the bodybuilding community regarding the specifics of Edward Norton’s workout routine and diet in preparation for American History X, but not much good information has been uncovered. We do know that Norton has worked with celebrity personal trainer Mike Ryan

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone at age 62:


Stallone has been a lifelong bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast, he was even hanging out with guys like Franco Columbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the golden era of bodybuilding.


The Real Talk:

So we know Stallone has been lifting for a long time, but the bottom line, at 60+, that is an unnatural physique. In 2007 Stallone was stopped at an Australian airport and charged with illegally importing  HGH (human growth hormone). He Claims that it was  mistake because he was ignorant about local laws, but ultimately Stallone did plead guilty to possession of testosterone and human growth hormones.

 “To [customs officials] it’s major, but it’s really minor stuff. I just made a mistake … I misunderstood a few things, and we are going through the process.”

Ignorance, as authorities have repeatedly pointed  is no excuse, particularly when “Steroids Are Illegal” isn’t exactly a “local” law. We love stallone so we’re going to forgive him for his sin’s.

Did you know?

Before he was famous ol’ Sylvester did a little porn flick in the 70’s called The Italian Stallion.  Here’s a little bonus for reading through our entire article:

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  1. This is a stupid list. None of these people have symptoms of steroids. Christian Bale’s weight gain is purely muscle memory. That would explain why he could just eat crappy food. You’re list is just not giving credit to people who can put in some hard work and dedication.

  2. Great list more people need to understand what is attainable naturally and in what time frame. It takes many years to build the physiques of these actors and some are unattainable depending on their size and condition and your genetics

  3. Everyone this list was taking and does take steroids. Most anyone guys and girls who are getting lean and toned as well as big and ripped for movies are also taking them. You can’t put 30 pounds of muscle in 3, 6, or 9, months naturally. I work in the industry as well I know plenty of the trainers and what they give their celeb clients to get jacked up. Trust me they all are doing it Here’s some more if you didn’t realize already….. Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Brad Pitt Troy, Josh brolin and Ryan Deadpool, Thor captain America winter soldier. Micheal b Jordan creed. Ben afflict Batman however he got jacked up however he didn’t look lean enough for the part sovyou wont see too many shots of his bod. He has gyno… The list goes on.

    What we decline to realize is our society has learned to accept that this type of physique is concidered healthy and fit but in reality in the 70s or 80s guys who were fit did not look like this (minus Sylvester who was on steroids and others). You cannot have that kind of build muscle mass vascualrity plus leanness combined. Truth be told. I have natural fitness who lift competitively and they can never get that lean or polished… Truth be told. Can we move on now lol

    • Thank you for finally commenting something sensible with a background in actual bodybuilding! It’s amazing how unaware people or of the prevalence of steroid use. If anyone were to take a look at any competitors from the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) they would realize what is at all attainable with natural training. Those men and women dedicate their lives to building muscle and still look nothing like these actors do after six months. Oh yeah, THE ROCK DOES STEROIDS

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