Are Your Knees Giving You Problems When Squatting? Watch This!

Yes, this is about leg day.

a split image of a man doing squats and of a knee with pain

I know that when leg day rolls around, excuses come at their strongest. I’ve said this over and over again, leg day sucks. It sucks even more so when your knees aren’t properly warmed up for the task at hand: squats.

Have you ever gone to do squats and the first few warm-up sets that you did felt like there was some popcorn action going on inside your knees? Yeah, me too.

Apparently, that popping going on inside your knee is caused by stiffness in your quads. This isn’t a bad thing because it can be dealt with fairly easily by performing a few drill that will loosen the quad up and allow you to squat pop-free.

In the video below, Dr. Aaron Horschig from Squat University will run us through a few mobility drills and stretches and talk a little more in-depth about the popping in the knee. His advice is good, and as you can see, he’s an actual doctor, not a brofessor.

I know that I’ll be performing a few of these and adhere to his advice when warming up for squats. There’s nothing worse than feeling that obnoxious popping in your knee when dropping down beneath the bar.

What did you guys think of the video? Do any of you suffer from the same knee-popping issues and will you begin to remedy the problem?

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