JackedPack.com Supplement Subscription Giveaway

JackedPack.com is a monthly subscription service for sports nutrition supplement samples. Once signed up, they send you a pack of samples at the beginning of each month. Each box may include a mix of the following:

  • protein powders/bars
  • pre-workout supplements
  • post-workout/recovery
  • healthy snacks
  • testosterone boosters
  • fat burners

We’re giving away a one year subscription to their “Heavyweight” package. 6-8 product samples a month, a $174 value. We’ll send you a 1-month-free coupon code too just in case you don’t win.

1. SpotMeBro.com will blindly choose one winner in a random fashion on 1/21/2013
2. We only work with cool companies. JackedPack is owned by a friend of ours, they are based out of NYC.
3. We are trying to bribe you to join the SpotMeBro newsletter. No spam no bullshit.


We selected the winner by printing out the names of all the entrants, shuffling up the papers, and having our friend Jesse throw a dart at it.

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