FDA Sends Warning Over Online Bodybuilding Supplements

After the recent tragedies in the bodybuilding industry, the FDA are making a statement.

A warning from the FDA with regards to online bodybuilding supplements, steroids and pro hormones

Users of online, chemical bodybuilding supplements have been issued a warning over their health. 

I think we can all agree that this has been a bad period for the bodybuilding. The deaths of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana, among others, shook fans and athletes around the world.

Although these tragedies haven’t been linked with supplements, we’re guessing this is why the FDA has chosen to issue a statement concerning steroids and pro-hormones; it warns aspiring bodybuilders about the dangers of buying synthetic supplements online.

Warning over steroids and pro hormones sent by the FDA and US Government

The dangers of illegal steroids and pro-hormones

Dr Amin Hassain Al Amiri, the assistant undersecretary at the Ministry of Health and Prevention stated:

“The US Food and Drug Administration has warned that many of these products are promoted for bodybuilding, and muscle development, whereas they contain synthetic steroids or hormones related to testosterone.

“The absence of parental control and the lack of awareness among family members regarding the risks of hormones and sports steroids contributes to the increase of young people buying them in gyms and other bodybuilding clubs.

“Most young people may not be aware of the health hazards of these hormones, [as they don’t talk about it] for fear of being ridiculed for using them instead of exerting physical efforts to develop.”

US Government taking action against unlicensed hormone products

Along with the statement above, the US government have also announced that they’ll be actively pursuing those who are creating steroids or pro-hormones illegally.

Through random inspections, if an operator is found guilty of producing illegal supplements, they’ll be given a warning; this will lead to the closure of their facilities (and a revocation of their licence, if they have one).

FDA actively closing illegal facilities producing steroids and pro hormones

Why you should choose natural testosterone boosters

Alright, so there’s been a warning over steroids and pro-hormones. It’s strange that the FDA have chosen this dark period for bodybuilding as their platform to release this statement; we’re sure that everyone knows the risks when taking these illegal supplements already.

In fact, Rich Piana even offered his own warning about steroids: “There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body, you’re hurting yourself.”

This has been part of the reason why natural testosterone boosters have seen a rise in popularity recently. By consuming natty nutrients that have proven to increase your body’s test production, you’ll stay safe from side effects such as liver damage and the dreaded man boobs (gynecomastia).

Ultimately, choosing the right test booster can deliver these benefits:

  • Raised sex drive
  • Faster muscle gains
  • Reduction in belly fat
  • Elevated mood and energy

FDA warning over steroids and pro hormones leading to rise of natural testosterone boosters

Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients 

So you know what benefits you can get from choosing a natural test booster. But we won’t let you leave without giving you some nutrients to look out for.

Ultimately, the ingredients inside these supplements determine how effective they are; if a product contains safe and effective nutrients, then work (if not, then it won’t). It’s as simple as that.

For this reason, we’ll list the best test boosting ingredients below:

  • Vitamin D3 – Technically a hormone, this is produced from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to enough sunlight. It’s shown to boost your test levels when consumed in dosages above 3,332IU, as well as improve your general health, bone strength and help increase muscle mass.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract – A herb known for being able to raise your test levels and sex drive. It’s proven to work in dosages as low as 50mg, making it one of the most efficient nutrients too.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – DAA regulates testosterone in your body, and supplementing this amino acid has shown to boost your test levels and increase fertility in 2,000mg-3,000mg dosages.

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