4 Gauge – Explosive pre workout

Best pre workout supplement

Load up your guns! 4 Gauge is a brand new powerful pre workout supplement in shotgun shell bottle that has been designed to ramp up energy levels, increase strength, power and stamina, without the unwanted side-effects.

Their unique formula can give you:

  • Boosted energy levels – Safely, without high stimulants
  • Increase your lifts – More weight means quicker results
  • Feel more motivated – Making every gym session count
  • Improves mental focus – Stay zoned in on your workout
  • Build muscle & burn fat – Working out harder gets a better body

Let’s take a look to see if it loves up to the hype and the claims and if it actually works.


The first thing we noticed about 4 Gauge is that its one of the few products on our list that has a clear ingredients profile, listing each nutrient and the amount. There’s no proprietary blends or ingredients you can’t pronounce here, it’s all 100% natural. The ingredients are:

L-Citrulline DL-Malate – An amino acid extracted from watermelons, it increases blood flow and muscle pumps. It does this by promoting your body’s nitric-oxide levels, which is key for athletic performance.
Caffeine & L-Theanine – A smart stack used to boost energy and mental performance. L-Theanine is extract from Tea leaves, when combined with Caffeine it boosts the energy effect, without the unwanted side-effects.
Red Beet – Extracted from Beetroot, it also increase nitric oxide levels which results in dilated blood vessels and improves blood flow.
4 Gauge also includes Creatine, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Cartinine and Coconut Water Powder which help to increase energy levels and help with recovery.

It doesn’t contain any soy, gluten or dairy. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

No artificial sweetener

Most pre workouts and protein powders on the market contain something called Sucralose, it’s an artificial sweetener. This isn’t a concern for everyone but those who don’t want chemicals in their body, it’s good to know that 4 Gauge use a blend of natural plant sweeteners. Using these it only comes to 5 calories per serving.

Servings & when to take

There are 20 servings in each bottle. Depending on how often you workout and how often you want to take a pre workout, 1 bottle will last 1 – 2 months.

You take it 20 – 30 minutes before training.


  • Can only be bought from 4Gauge.com – they don’t sell in shops
  • Premium price – Might be out of some peoples budget
  • Only comes in one flavor – Fruit blast


It’s not just the explosive packaging that separates this pre workout from the rest. What they have done with the smart caffeine and l-theanine energy stack. And not using an artificial sweetener make this product completely unique.

It’s effective – it gives you a clean dose of energy without the jittery feeling. It contains a cutting edge formula and it’s completely safe to use. That’s why 4 Gauge is our number ranked pre workout.