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    Build Muscle Mass With These 5 Simple Rules

      Rules — this is what it comes down to. If you’ve been unable to build muscle mass, chances are you’ve been doing something wrong. It is time to correct your mistakes and make the most of your time in the gym. These rules are sure to work on any body type, so the excuse […]

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    6 Things That Cause Low Testosterone Levels in Men

      Testosterone has solidified its position as being one of the most important hormones in your body for building muscle mass. Without it, we would be weak, fragile skin bags walking around unable to contribute to society in any way. That’s a bit overdramatic, but as long as I get the point across. In recent […]

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    The Best Testosterone Boosting Foods

      Testosterone is not only the primary hormone that makes a man a man, but it’s also needed for living a happy (by happy I mean copious amounts of sex) and gains-filled life. Without testosterone, this world would be a mess to behold. Thankfully this is not the case. Why is it that testosterone is […]

  • hqdefault

    Feeding Pets Creatine and Protein Powder is Now a Thing

      PETA will not be happy about this one. Reddit is an online community that yields many positive debates and interesting anecdotes, but every now and then, humanity exposes itself in a manner you just wish it hadn’t. A recent stroll through the Reddit forums led this writer to a page where user ChineseGoddess had unearthed […]

  • swewe

    Top Researchers Have a Pill to Make You Feel Immortal

      Elysium. Sounds familiar, right? Well we all know good marketing is about positive associations, and that movie with Matt Damon was cool as f*ck. Also, it had a lot to do with living longer, or at least staying healthier longer — and that’s exactly what the company Elysium Health has invested themselves in. Don’t […]

  • Arnold-Pot

    Cannabis-Friendly Gym Opens Up In San Fran

      We all know curling in the squat rack is frowned upon, but what about smoking a doobie? Or pounding down a couple of “special” brownies before walking lunges? This seems like one of the worst ideas possible. The last thing you want to do while high is do anything strenuous, let alone a hardcore […]

  • bcaas

    5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using BCAAs

      I get it. You might not be lifting to be the next Physique Mr. Olympia or to build up your Instagram following to 100K; you might just be lifting weights and making gains purely because of your love that you have for the iron. Does that mean that you should neglect any strategized approach […]

  • superstar

    Mental Domination is Key to “The Superstar Effect”

      A closely fought match in any sport is more than a physical battle. It is a struggle of character, mental strength, and personal will. Even in a match with yourself. It’s a constant personal and emotional contest in which you use everything you have. It’s up to you to fill that arsenal for peak […]

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    6 Signs That Your Testosterone Levels Might Be Low

      We’ve all thought about it at one point or another, “are my balls doing their job in keeping my veins full of testosterone 24/7?” Well I have, and there’s no shame in it. Fortunately for all you sad c_nts this is a problem that you yourself can fix, naturally, of course — unless you’re […]

  • ronnie coleman

    Exclusive Ronnie Coleman Interview with SpotMeBro

    Ain’t Nothin’ To It But To Do: Exclusive Ronnie Coleman Interview with SpotMeBro   Ronnie, it’s a pleasure to interview you on SpotMeBro. To kick off the first question it would be nice to learn a little about your background growing up. Where did you live and was fitness always a part of your life […]