7 Celebrities Who Probably Used Steroids



When athletes get caught using performance enhancing drugs, they are often subject to the modern day equivalent of a public execution.

What about the use of  steroids  in the entertainment industry?
In an industry where drug use and depravity seem to go hand in hand, We suspect that there usage is more widespread then many would believe. There certainly isn’t much moral reason that celebs would avoid the juice. We intend on blowing the whistle on this non-athlete steroid scandal. And we’re not going to let our total lack of evidence stop us one bit.

 Dr. Dre

Before & After:
Here’s Dre in the studio back in the day, looking like he’s been letting his Chronic munchies get the better of him:

… and here’s Dre presenting at the VMAs looking absolutely massive. His  fat head now looks disproportionately small compared with the rest of his muscular body:

The Real Talk:

Dre claims to spend up to two hours in the gym everyday lifting. Regardless of our stance on the optimum length of a training session, we are confident the good doctor has been hitting the iron hard when not busy pedaling headphones. A Los Angeles Times article reports he had cut his body fat from 29 percent to around 6 percent in the last few years, and also describes Dre pumping his arms and saying, “I feel like I can kick a brick wall down now.”  We do have inside information that Dr. Dre receives personal training from natural bodybuilder Stan McQuay.

While the L.A. Times article doesn’t come down on either side of the steroid debate, we’re going to side with the hip-hop bloggers, who have taken the much bolder stance of, “nigga look like the incredible hulk. gay shit,” and more specifically, “yeah dre is full off that act right JUICE. Lol”. Well said fine sirs!

Carrot Top

Before & After:

Once upon a time Carrot Top was just your normal bizarrely hideous redheaded comedian.

If Carrot Top was not scary looking enough, he had to go and get absolutely shredded up and actually transformed himself into a monster from a horror movie:

The Real Talk:

Carrot Top  has been lifting weights seriously for as many as 15 years. He has this video which is supposed to detail his diet and workout routine. However, Top seems confused by the high-protein cooking ingredients and doesn’t seem to know how to work most of the exercise machines: (See How Carrot Top Got His Physique) According to some bodybuilding sources close to us, the bulging veins all over The Carrot’s pasty body are a pretty strong indicator that he’s getting chemical assistance other than the two-drink minimum at the comedy club. Vascularity: The degree to which your veins bulge through your skin.