Testosterone Booster Without Working Out : The Shock Experiment

Not all gains are made in a gym


We’ve been using a testosterone booster to enhance our muscle gains for some time. On the back of this we also saw good improvements in the bedroom and general quality of life.

But, we figured, why the hell can’t a testosterone booster work without the exercise? If all you’re doing is giving your body the tools it needs to jack up testosterone you’ll still see improvements, right?

Well before we get into the results of our experiment lets actually understand what testosterone is.

What is testosterone?


Quick science lesson for you then, testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone. It controls the development of your masculine features, puberty, libido etc.

Normal testosterone levels for a man sit between 270 to 1070 ng/dL with levels peaking when you get to around 20. Generally males see decreases of around 1% a year by the time they hit 30. It’s around this time that many men might start to experience the effects of low testosterone.

Low testosterone affects around 40% of men by the time they reach age 45.  The clinical term for it is called hypergonadism.

When your testosterone levels drop below what are deemed normal levels you can experience unwanted effects like:

  • Bad moods
  • Poor sexual performance
  • Increased belly fat
  • Low energy levels

These effects are extremely common in men with low testosterone and can really have an impact on your lifestyle. Luckily though, there are treatments available. And one of the more effective options would be a natural testosterone booster.

What does a testosterone booster do?


At it’s base level, a testosterone booster gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to increase testosterone production, naturally.

Which is why you don’t really need to be working out to get the full benefits. By taking a supplement with just the right ingredients, you are aiding the production of sexual hormones whether you are working out or not.

There are some crucial things you need to be aware of if you are wanting to jump in and buy a testosterone booster though.

Testosterone booster buying guide:

#1 Buy natural

It’s essential to buy a natural product. Synthesized supplements can cause harmful side effects or negatively impact hormone levels through. Messing directly with testosterone levels or non natural ingredients can seriously cause long term harm.

#2 Ensure they are scientifically backed

If an ingredient in a product doesn’t have any scientific studies supporting it. Don’t bother. There’s 100’s of company’s touting miracle products with blends that are based on tests with rats.

#3 Get a testosterone booster with a high dose

If you’re not using a testosterone booster while working out, you need to be giving your body the absolute best chance of increasing testosterone levels. 1 capsule per day just won’t cut it. Instead you need to be keeping your body topped up with ingredients it can use to produce testosterone for as long as possible.

Taking a Testosterone Booster without Exercising


So, we decided, or at least one of our team did, in the interests of journalism, to not train for 3 months yet keep on top of a natural testosterone booster. Taking 120 capsules a day and keeping their diet reasonable. But not completely clean or in a calorie deficit.

Days 1-14 

Didn’t notice any major differences here. Felt maybe energy levels were up, but that could’ve been from not hitting my 2-3 gym sessions a week. 120 capsules might seem like a lot to take through the day, but as long as

Days 14-30

Things started builidng up here. Morning wood was a regularly occurance and I wasn’t feeling at all unwell or fatigued. I slept like a log, which may explain the morning wood. My libido also shot up during this period and I just felt more explosive.

Days 30-45 

Testosterone levels are up for sure. I’m feeling happier, more confident and more youthful. All this without having to spend hours slogging away in the gym too.

Days 45+

This is going to be a staple supplement. I’ve learned this product can enhance my life in loads of ways. In the bedroom and outside it. Regardless of exercise program.

Testosterone Booster without Exercise Overall Experience

If you find the right testosterone booster it can have major benefits on your life. If you’re one of countless men who just feel unmotivated, tired and sexually lacking it’s worth giving one of these supplements a shot.

Like we mentioned, you need to be buying a natural supplement that has a high dose. Once you find something that works you’ll be rock solid in the bedroom and have a completely renewed lust for life.

Supplementing for a full 30 days is essential. However if you want a full range of benefits we’d recommend supplementing for longer.

Best testosterone booster to use without exercise


During our experiment we used TestoFuel. Which is a completely natural testosterone booster and one that supports the production of key sexual hormones. It also preserves muscle mass and boost libido.

TestoFuel got to work much quicker than any other boosters we’ve tried.

Remember to take it with a meal or snack and stick to that beastly 4 capsule a day serving size.

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Core Ingredients in TestoFuel

Where TestoFuel excels in boosting your testosterone levels is because of the ingredients it uses. TestoFuel isn’t just all natural, but it also goes above and beyond the serving sizes of other mediocre test boosters to deliver a blend of ingredients that work no matter what you are doing.

#1 D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is an amino acid and regulator of testosterone. It’s been shown to increase testosterone levels in males. TestoFuel uses an optimized dose of 2300mg of DAA to deliver your body everything it needs to boost up testosterone levels.

Further to this it’s thought it can aid male fertility and studies have found that it can also help keep estrogen levels lowered. Combine this with a high protein diet to maintain muscle mass.

#2 Vitamin D3

You make vitamin D from the sun. And it’s one of the most important vitamins when it comes to hormone production. TestoFuel contains a massive 5000IU of vitmain D3. Which will lead to major boosts in energy, well being and of course, testosterone.

#3 Fenugreek

Fenugreek is common in curries. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just a type of food. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The extract of fenugreek is used as a libido enhancer and also as an ingredient that can help normalize testosterone levels. Studies have proven it works too.

Testosterone Booster Without Working Out: Why it works

Not everyone can always get down to the gym and slog away hours and hours lifting weights to get testosterone levels up but also build up their physique and improve their health.

We don’t really like to use the term shortcut, but if you don’t workout, but still want to feel energised, youthful and powerful then a testosterone booster is without a doubt the best option to get you bouncing off the walls and under the sheets again.

We cannot recommend TestoFuel enough for this job. The website might appear to be full of jacked guys who spend hour after hour lifitng this up and putting them down again, but believe us, it works whether you do this or not.

We’ll be real here, you’re not going to end up with six pack abs, but you will end up stronger and more confident.

And an absolute animal in the bedroom.

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  1. Good day
    I have trying to get the TestoFuel but can’t find one but I be managed to get some testosterone pills though they don’t seem to be too much effective. I do go to the gym but not often because of work commitments so I need something that can boost my libido and strength at the gym. Am 48years old and I think my manhood cycle is dropping cause after 1 lousy round it’s over for the whole night which is embarrassing to me as a married man. I need something that can boost me. I don’t want these viagras and other staff but something that can increase my testosterone levels.

    Kind regards

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