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Natural Testosterone Supplements for Men

Natural testosterone supplements for men is a common requirement, especially if your testosterone levels are declining. We’re sorry to be the barer of bad news here, but they are declining at a rate of 1 to 2% per year.

As soon as you hit the 30 mark this crucial hormone starts to slip away and you become susceptible to man boobs, belly fat and fatigue. Sound bad? Well, your muscle mass will start to decrease too.

Low testosterone is terrible and can be a real problem for guys like you and me. Luckily though, for those not willing to go through the risks and price of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), there are better, and safer options.

Enter natural testosterone supplements for men.

Who are natural testosterone supplements for?

If your reading this and feeling a little flabby around the middle, maybe quite lethargic every morning and are generally just feeling average, then you could benefit from a supplement like these.

As your testosterone levels are declining, this feeling is only going to get worse. But, by taking the correct blend of nutrients, your body can pick itself up and start to fight its way back to the energized and spunky days of your youth.

We do not recommend these supplements if you are not committed to making improvements to your physique and overall lifestyle. If you are unable to take these products properly, you will not benefit and just be wasting money.

Anyone over 18 can safely supplement with products like this. But at that age your natural testosterone levels will be still very high, so you don’t always need to.

Why Do Testosterone Levels Drop in Men?

Low testosterone man

First off, before you commit to buying a natural testosterone supplement, you should probably understand why testosterone levels drop in the first place.

By the age of 65, 40% of men have clinically low testosterone.

As you get older your testes stop receiving the messages to create luteinizing hormone.

Lutenizing hormone is the pre cursor to the creation and release of testosterone. The dominant male sex hormone.

As you get older, the increase doesn’t just slow down either, free testosterone will also drop due to a sex hormone called biding globulin utilizing it.

All is not lost though, it’s still possible using correct dosages of key vitamins and minerals to give the body everything it needs to increase production of lutenizing hormone.

Why should men take a natural testosterone supplement?


The risks involved in supplementing with a natural testosterone supplement are far less than that of injections, TRT and other clinical ways of increasing testosterone.

As these products are natural, they are low risk and are generally filled with ingredients you can find in normal foods.

By giving your body these ingredients you give it the tools it needs to boost testosterone production.

The benefits of natural testosterone supplements are:

  • Increased Energy and Better Moods
  • More Muscle with thick density
  • Rejuvenated Libido (Feel like you’re 21 again)

Sounds almost too good to be true right?

You’re probably wondering why everyone isn’t walking round like an Iron statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Because they have too many reservations and fears and not enough balls to stick to a solid supplement plan.

Making Natural Testosterone Supplements Work

Here’s the thing, if you want Natural Testosterone Supplements to work, you need to stick to a daily dose of ideally 3-4 capsules.

Products that offer less of a serving size won’t allow enough absorption throughout the day.

Diet and training are important here too. While you can get a whole load of benefits just from straight up supplementation, combining it with some weightlifting and a clean diet can lead to even bigger benefits.

Sticking to an evenly spaced serving size is essential.

When you take any supplement, your body will process it via nutrient partitioning (dividing up the ingredients to absorb them). To do this effectively a steady stream of nutrients works best, avoiding your body wasting anything.

Best ingredients in testosterone supplements

You’ll know by now that the market for natural testosterone supplements is massive.

The ingredients that makes these supplements varies from scientifically backed amino acids to ancient Chinese herbs with no value at all.

We’re sorry to tell you that 50% of the time you are getting nothing but a rip-off supplement that makes ridiculous claims based on outrageous historic studies.

Key ingredients you should be looking out for in your supplement are:

Vitamin D3 4000+ IU

You produce vitamin D3 when you are exposed to sunlight. Which is why it’s not surprisingly called the sunshine vitamin.  There is a proven link [1] between low levels of vitamin D and testosterone in men.

By supplementing extra vitamin D3 you increase the amount of lutenizing hormone available to be converted to free testosterone in your blood.

Zinc 10mg+


Hugely important for a number of standard bodily functions and testosterone levels.

Research has shown [2] that zinc can have a major influence on testosterone is as little time as 6 weeks.

Nettle Root 160mg+


Not essential, but beneficial. Nettle root has been seen to decrease estrogen levels and bind with SHBG [3] instead of testosterone. Meaning you’ll have more free testosterone in your blood.

DAA 2000mg

Absolutely essential when choosing a natural testosterone supplement for a man. D-Aspartic acid comes in various forms but ultimately works in the same way.

It triggers the release of luteinizing hormone which makes the testes increase testosterone production. It’s an effective amino acid and something you need in your testosterone supplement.

Fenugreek Powder 50-100mg


When tested in a study fenugreek was found to increase libido in males and also help normalize testosterone levels.

This herb works especially well for older men who’s testosterone levels are decreasing with age.

Mucuna Pruriens 300mg


Normally used to regulate the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) which damages testosterone levels. Mucuna Preuriens also have the ability to influence testosterone levels and prevent the loss of free testosterone. [5]

How to decide on a natural testosterone supplement

Finding the perfect testosterone booster for your goals can not only optimize your physique, but your mindset too. And with so many products on the market it can sometimes be hard to choose.

Our advise is to find an all-natural supplement backed by scientific research. This way you’ll know you’re buying an effective tool for your hard work, not a cheap alternative straight off the shelf. We also suggest staying away from proprietary blends and instead opting for a top-tier ingredient profile, something any reputable supplement company should provide.

At SpotMeBro we’ve seen and reviewed countless testosterone boosters. Through the years there are a select line-up who have stood out to us too. Check out the link below to be taken to our complete rundown of the best testosterone boosters available today.

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Extra ways to boost testosterone levels in men

Heavy weights

Even if you’ve read through that article and still aren’t convinced about a natural testosterone supplement. There a few ‘hacks’ you can do to try and get those levels boosted naturally.

#1 Lift Heavy Weights

Weightlifting (not just heavy) has been proven to help increase testosterone levels in men. This is especially true of heavy weights but also of any weightlifting activity.

Grab a bar and get on big compound movements for maximum benefits. Squats, deadlift and other key pull and press movements. To optimize hormones even further, take on a full body workout, rather than the standard bro split.

#2 Sleep more

The amount and quality of sleep you get has a direct correlation with your testosterone levels.

A large study found that those who slept 8 hours or more per night, had 60% higher testosterone levels than those who only slept for 4 hours. Not only this, but as you sleep you’ll release human growth hormone, improving recovery and muscle mass.

#3 Get in the sun

Vitamin D3 is crucial for testosterone production. Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, this directly affects hormone levels and is created when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Suns out guns out.


As you can see guys, there’s more to testosterone boosters for men than you possibly thought! The good news is we’ve put together all the info you need to make a head start to improving your testosterone levels.

Whatever your goal, whether it’s increasing muscle mass, having more energy, losing weight, or feeling like a sexual animal – then a quality testosterone booster will get you there.

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