Check Out These Natural Pre Workouts and Supercharge Your Gains

Light the fuse and torch your muscles with these supercharged natural pre workout nutrients.

We absolutely live for the iron house at SpotMeBro.

We travel from gym to gym to scope out the best equipment. And our offices are filled with bottles and tubs of supplements, piled high like some kind of muscle-building, fat stripping mountain face.

In fact, it’s that high we’ve even called it ‘mount gains’ and are currently organizing a charity event to scale that muthaf*cking thing before it topples and crushes the work experience guy sat next to it.


We know that gearing up for great workouts time and time again can be tough. Even if you live for the gym it’s hard to make every session count.

That’s why we use natural pre workouts on the regular.

It helps us break the energy barrier, make the gym our b*itch, and beat those weights into submission.

Here are the best natural nutrients you need to supercharge your workout and make fast gains.

Why Use a Natural Pre Workout?

You demand the best from your workouts. You put maximum effort into every rep, set, lift and session.

It’s only fair that you make it count.

Natural pre workout supplements take sports performance to a whole new level brah. Taken half an hour or so before a strength or cardio session, they enhance your physiology and allow you to ramp up the intensity of your workout.

The best pre workouts help you fulfill your potential. They help you crank out rep after rep, push past your limits and focus with unparalleled strength and power.

No other supplement comes anywhere near.

It’s like ripping the lid from the very depths of hell and letting that muthaf*cker unleash the all might fuarking gainz on the free weights. 

Pre workout supps improve your workouts; plain and simple

In easy terms, a natural pre workout allows your body to work harder than normal.

It lets you break through the restraints your body puts on itself, smashing the ceiling to higher stamina, endurance and motivation.

  • Impossible levels of energy – fight back at your limitations and reach new levels of intensity
  • Bar-bending strength and force – ramp up your max numbers in the gym and gather a crowd as you show everyone how it should be done.
  • Athlete performance – whether it’s in the ring, on the field or in the gym; show the gym who’s boss and perform the best you ever have done.
  • Huge muscle pumps – cell splitting, throbbing pumps that’ll blow up your physique.

Natural Pre Workout Nutrients: What to Look For

Not all pre workout supplements are built the same.

We’ve tried pretty much every single one on the market and we know that for every product giving you the stamina, energy and strength you need, there’s one that leaves you feeling wired and tired, flat and broken.

Here’s what you should look for in your natural pre workout supplement.

Caffeine harnesses natural energy to ramp up performance

Coffee beans and cocoa on white background

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that gets you up in the morning and make life worth living (it does for us anyway).

Found in coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans and guarana, this powerful nutrient triggers your nervous system like the fiery fuse of a 10-ton bomb.

There are numerous studies that show caffeine enhances athletic performance. Not just physical, but cognitive too.

Caffeine fights the negative effects on fatigue by attaching to your body’s adenosine receptors and blocks feelings of tiredness, lethargy and lazy a$$edness.

The result?

Like a frenzied animal, you’ll attack the gym like your life depended on it.

L-theanine to keep you focused and motivated without energy crashes

Tea leaves containing L-theanine

You’ll find this calming amino acid in green, black and white tea leaves, as well as some types of mushroom.

L-theanine stimulates the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) – a brain chemical known for its role in promoting relaxation and feelings of chill.

Now here’s why a calming nutrient works well as a natural pre workout.

When you combine it with caffeine it forms a nootropic called smart caffeine.

  • Focus, motivation and dialed-in performance
  • Relaxation and enhanced mood
  • No energy crash

Too much caffeine can leave you feeling jittery and unfocused.

But L-theanine helps to pull energy to where you need it the most. It helps you avoid any unwanted side effects from caffeine over-stimulation.

It also helps blunt the energy crash, headaches and fatigue you get as the caffeine wears off.

L-theanine is the brain hack of natural pre workouts.

Red beet for stamina and endurance

Red beetroot chopped on a wooden board

Beets are packed full of high-fiber carbs, antioxidants and nutrition. They provide a rich source of sugars and multivitamins that help you reach your full potential in the gym.

But the most important nutrient that red beet provides as a natural pre workout are nitrates.

These inorganic compounds help your body stimulate its nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway by acting as a precursor to nitric oxide production.

That sounds a bit sciency, but stay with us…

All you need to know is that nitric oxide regulates both blood pressure and vascular tissue, and adding red beet to your natural pre workout benefits you in the following ways:

  • Reduces energy cost meaning more efficient workouts
  • Increases work output without drastic increases in blood pressure
  • Optimizes time to exhaustion meaning longer, more intense workouts

Citrulline malate for that crazy pump

Have you ever gone through a high-volume strength protocol such as German volume training or quasi-isometrics and wondered why your arms get pumped to fuark?

It makes every cell in your body feel like it’ll explode right through your skin.

Goddamn beautiful isn’t it?

Well citrulline malate helps you recreate that intense pump by converting to L-arginine in your blood.

And then to nitric oxide (similar to red beet).

Found in foods such as watermelon and squash, citrulline malate has a high absorption rate. It dilates your blood vessels leading to greater blood flow.

And that means more nutrients, more oxygen and and a higher volume of blood that’ll feel like it’s splitting your arteries in half.

Quick, find some good lighting… it’s time to take a pumped-up, ripped-as-f*uck selfie. 

The Best Natural Pre Workouts

We’ve given you a few ideas about the best natural pre workout ingredients above.

The problem is that unless you’re thinking of a watermelon and beet salad, washed down with tea, coffee and a chocolate milkshake, you’ll struggle to get all of the nutrients these foods provide.

Instead, you need a supplement that contains all of the powerful, natural nutrients needs to accelerate your gains, but in an easy-to-digest formula.

That’s where our number one best natural pre workout choice comes in

4 Gauge is an explosive natural pre workout that’s guaranteed to blow the doors off even the most challenging of workouts.

Whether you’re planning on winning a powerlifting meet, need to get a high-volume strength session in, or want to smash your 5 km race time; this is what you need.

  • Powerful, intense workouts
  • Supercharged strength, stamina and determination
  • Focus, motivation and resilience
  • Power, speed and athleticism

4 Gauge contains clinically-dosed caffeine, L-theanine, citrulline malate and red beet, among other potent, natural pre workout nutrients.

– Get 4 Gauge here and start making serious gains in the gym and on the sports field –

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