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Boost Testosterone with Natural Supplements | In-Depth Review

Boosting testosterone is the key to ramping up muscle mass, building bar-bending strength and driving energy to every cell of your body.

When it comes to optimizing hormone levels it’s all about the right natural nutrients.

Natural supplements that boost testosterone are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they safer than prohormones and steroids, but they also provide the same benefits.

Low testosterone is a silent killer.

Once you hit your thirties and your natural levels begin to decline, you find yourself spiraling into a world of belly fat, muscle loss and ill health.

Low hormone levels increase risk of:

  • Metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease
  • Cognitive decline – poor memory, mild cognitive impairment and risk of disorders such as Alzheimer’s
  • Increased risk of obesity and muscle loss
  • Significantly higher risk of early death

Why do testosterone levels drop?

By the age of 45, as many as 40% of men suffer from late-onset hypogonadism. This is basically age-related low testosterone levels.

Testosterone is tightly regulated by two parts of your brain – your hypothalamus and your pituitary gland.

Normally, when your body has less testosterone than it needs, a signal is sent from your hypothalamus to your pituitary, telling it to speed up the amount of luteinizing hormone it produces.

It does this with its own hormone called GnRH.

It’s a chemical kick up the ass for your brain.

Your pituitary then responds by increasing the amount of LH it sends to your testes. More LH equals more testosterone.

It’s a precise communication system between these three parts of your body. When they work together in unison your hormone levels are at their best.

It’s the best trinity since peanut butter, oats, and whey protein.


As you age, your brain doesn’t trigger testosterone release as effectively 

If any part of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes ‘chain’ breaks, you’ll suffer from lower-than-optimal hormone levels.

Low T can be caused by fewer messages being sent from your hypothalamus, an issue with LH communication and release, or even direct or insufficient testicular activity.

It gets worse…

Not only is there a risk of making less testosterone as you age; the amount that does make it into your bloodstream is more likely to become victim to a protein called SHBG as you get older.

This protein travels in your bloodstream looking for excess testosterone to bind to and wrestle it into submission – it makes it unusable by putting it into some kind of hormonal figure-four leg lock and tapping it out like a crazy Ric Flair chemical.

As you age, SHBG becomes more active. And that spells disaster for T levels.

Bottom line; low testosterone is not good for health, performance, aesthetics or quality of life.

What do natural supplements like testosterone boosters do?

Natural supplements such as test boosters are designed for anyone that wants more energy, a leaner physique, a more assertive personality and bedroom skills to rival the greatest male pornstars of all time.

If you refuse to let your hormones map out your life, these natural supplements are for you. They don’t provide the side effects that steroids do. Instead they elevate your hormone levels naturally.

There are numerous studies and clinical trial to show that test boosters can increase testosterone levels… simply because of the nutrients they contain.

Based around all-natural ingredients, test boosters don’t directly increase testosterone directly like a synthetic steroid would.

Instead, they supercharge your hypothalamus, pituitary and testes to force you to make your own hormones.

It’s safer and it’s effective.

No side effects and no risk.

Only gains.

Test boosters work in 3 distinct ways:

  • Directly stimulate your testes to make more testosterone
  • Decrease SHBG activity
  • Promote increased luteinizing hormone production

Best Natural Supplements to Boost Testosterone

There’s an old saying. “Everything you need, you can get from nature”.

And it’s true.

The best test boosting nutrients can be found in nature – vitamins and mineral compounds that you might not necessarily get from food, but can be extracted and used in natural supplement form to optimize health and performance.

Here are the best natural supplements to boost testosterone:

D-Aspartic Acid


D-AA is one of the most effective nutrients when it comes to square-jawed, shirt-ripping masculinity.

An amino acid proven to help with muscle size and strength, as well as both testosterone and growth hormone production, D-Aspartic acid is your go-to nutrient for anabolic hormone stimulation.

D-AA supplementation has been shown to boost testosterone levels by as much as 60% over 90 days. It also elevates luteinizing hormone levels and seminal count.

Not only will your hormone levels be higher when you’re in the bedroom, you’ll be blasting more semen out too. That’s a surefire way to impress your partner.

Vitamin D3


Known as the sunshine vitamin’, D3 is obtained mostly from sunlight. But unless you live in a sunny climate, you’ll just not get enough this way.

As many as 40% of US citizens are deficient in this vitamin because of their diets and where they live.

You can also get it from foods, but synthesis is poor and you’d have to be eating a ton of oily fish to get what you need for your hormones.

D3 supplementation is advocated by pretty much every nutrition expert. Not only does it help reduce the risk of heart and metabolic disease, boost muscle mass and reduce soreness from training, it also significantly elevates hormone levels too.

Oyster Extract and Zinc


Oysters are probably the first food you think of when libido and sex drive are on your mind. They’re so effective at boosting hormone levels that they are firmly concreted in sexual folklore.

But why is oyster so effective for delivering throbbing sexual performance? 

They are made up of 78% zinc, that’s why.

Studies have shown that zinc supplementation boosts physical athleticism, performance and testosterone levels in both untrained and pro athletes.

The problem is though that oysters aren’t the easiest food to get hold of.

Maybe you’re a fan of tilting your head back and receiving a slimy load down your throat?

Maybe not.

An oyster extract is a great way of getting all of the goodness from oysters without the taste or hassle. Zinc supplementation is another option if you’re vegetarian or just don’t like the thought of this salty food.



This essential mineral is often used for recovery and relaxation. It enhances mood and motivation, regulates insulin levels and aid in muscle recovery after a balls-to-the-wall strength workout.

75% percent of Americans fail to get enough magnesium in their diet.

Even 4-weeks of natural supplements such as magnesium boost testosterone levels significantly. It regulates all steroid hormones and gives your testosterone the kick up the ass it needs to bring you back to the boil.

Our Top Testosterone Boosters

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