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The Dad Bod Fix – How to Reclaim Your Old Muscle Fast

Ok bro, we hear a lot of talk out there about how all the chicks are going nuts for the dad bod and we’re here to tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

The bottom line is, a dad bod isn’t good for your health, bro. It might be easier and way more chill to relax on the couch and down a few cold ones, but a beer belly and visceral fat sitting around your organs isn’t good for you. You could be shortening your life expectancy and putting yourself in line for a whole heap of medical complications.

If you’re looking for a dad bod fix, we’ve got your back, bro. It’s time to turn up the health and convert your body into a super fit machine.


Article Brodown:

  • What you need to do
  • The dad bod fix workout
  • the final word

What you need to do

The dad bod is usually a result of a few years if being too busy to look after yourself. We get it, sometimes life is hectic.

Bad food and a lack of exercise can add up quickly. Before you know it bro, you’re a prime example of the dreaded middle-aged spread.

To get back in control of your health, transform your body and add years to your life, you need to brush up on a few areas. Check it out:


natural, healthy foods separated from processed foods by a measuring tape


This is essential. Fixing the dad bod through nutrition is all about nourishing yourself with healthy foods, controlling your calorie intake and helping your body grow muscle.

The best way to do this is to kick the processed food to the curb. Swap that out for a lean meats, healthy veggies and complex carbohydrates and you’re already on track for a much healthier lifestyle. Your body will thank you for it.

You should also be eating plenty of protein. By working out and enjoying a high protein diet, you should be able to improve your body composition by cutting fat and boosting muscle.  Research shows that to maintain or grow muscle, you need to be consuming between 1.4 – 2g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight [1].


Discover how to maintain muscle and drop the pounds with our optimal cutting guide.



To transform that dad bod into a temple of health, you need to be hitting the gym. Not just an hour on the weekend when you’re feeling motivated. We’re talking at least four times a week. Transformations don’t happen overnight, so you need to be working out on the regular.

When you’re training, you need to be smart too. Don’t just go straight to the treadmill and spend hours trudging away. You need to be lifting weights, bro. It’ll help you get fitter, improve your body composition and feel more powerful.

By training in a certain way, we can help you create a fitter, healthier physique.


man with a dad bod gripping his love handles


If you’re gonna transform your whole body, you need to fix up your attitude towards working out and eating well. Find your motivation and stick to it. Whether you’ve got your sights set on benching your bodyweight, or building 18-inch biceps, finding your focus is a game changer.

Once you’ve got into it, you’ll find it much easier to hit the gym on the regular. You’ll stay motivated in the long term and go from dad bod to Greek god


The dad bod fix workout

To fix a dad bod, you need to build muscle and burn fat. Simple.

When you’ve been out of the game for a while, finding that perfect balance can be a challenge. You’re in luck, dad bro. We’ve created a workout designed specifically to help you shed those extra pounds and put on some muscle that’ll make all the other dad bros weep into their burrito with envy.

Now, you may have been the king of the rack a few years ago, but thinking you can carry on working at the same level as you did when you were at your peak is a rookie error. Don’t be a rookie.

Keep the intensity high but don’t go crazy bro. The last thing you need is an injury because you tried to PB on your first day back. Be sensible, pick a weight you can handle and go from there.

We’ve created a workout that combines a fat burning circuit that supports muscle growth, along with some classic resistance training, so you can grow muscle and leave those unwanted pounds behind.


The muscle growing workout

Older man body building man

To keep your body in prime condition and help shed the fat, you need muscle. By working to achieve a more muscular physique, your metabolism will be raised, you’ll maintain a healthier body composition, with less fat.

Bro, the benefits of building a little muscle go way beyond just health. You’ll feel more powerful, extra confident and like an all-round alpha male.

We’ve gone for an all over body workout to ease you in. Then, once you’re ready, you can start homing in on the areas you really want to build to craft that perfect physique.

We’ve gone for compound movements that will help you grow stronger, work your body in a functional way and burn more calories too. Just remember to start off light and get your form tight before you try to lift the big stuff. No one gets rid of their dad bod if they’re sat on the couch with an injury, bro.


Deadlift 3 x 6

This is movement is basically an all-over body workout, but the emphasis on your back will start to put you on the road to fit dad. In the modern world we spend a lot of time sat on our asses, which can be damaging to the lower back, butt and legs. It’s a classic case of use it or lose it and your whole posterior chain can become compromised very quickly.

By working the deadlift you’re hitting all of those weaker areas and turning them into rock hard muscle. It’ll improve your posture, increase your full body strength and put you on track to that shredded physique.

Warning: A deadlift can take a while to recover from, so take it slow. Stick to the recommended volume and build up to a bigger weight.


Squats 3 x 6

This is a key compound movement to create strong, powerful legs. Drill this with dumbbells in each hand to start with and build up to a barbell back squat. Just make sure your form is perfect, before you start stacking the rack.

Squats will work just about every part of your lower body, and give you a powerful, confident stride.


Leg press 4 x 8

Back up your squat session with a leg press and your legs will be two pillars of powerful muscle in no time. You don’t need to know a whole lot about form to perfect your leg press either, simply sit down with a light to weight to start with and build up to something challenging.

As this is more of a legs-only movement, you can afford to go a little heavier. Just don’t over extend at the knee at the top of the press.


Bench press 3 x 6

Turning yourself back into a fully qualified bro means putting the time in on the bench. And nothing feels more powerful than pushing a big weight with your arms alone.

No doubt you want massive arms and a proud chest asap. However, stick to something a little lighter then move on to the big stuff in due course. And if you can, get someone to spot you for extra support.


Strict press 3 x 10

One thing you can’t miss out on is shoulders, bro. That inverted triangle torso shape is the sign of a truly fit bro. To start creating yours, you need to include a press in your workout. That way you’ll be laying the foundations for rock-hard boulder shoulders.

Remember to keep your back completely straight as you push out. If you find yourself starting to break at the lower back, drop your weight, bro.


Find out everything you need to know about building muscle mass with our comprehensive guide.


The fat burn workout

chris pratty dad bod fix transformation

In this circuit you’re going to move quickly and keep yourself out of breath. Don’t go too heavy, keep your form tight and give yourself a minute rest between sets.

Perform four sets of the following exercises, back-to-back:

12 Burpees

12 Kettlebell swings

12 Dumbbell squats

12 Sit ups

1-minute rest

By taking a minute rest between each set we’ve created a resistance style HIIT workout, designed to help you burn fat and support muscle. If you simply hit the treadmill for long periods of time you could lose weight, but you’re also likely to lose muscle too, which isn’t going to help you get that rock-solid physique.


The final word

Bro, start training again like this and you’ll say goodbye to your dad bod and hello to a new lease of life. Not only will you look better, you’ll feel healthier and add more life to your years. It’s a no brainer bro.

What are you waiting for, bro? Get out of the house, head to the gym and start crafting your new, healthier physique.


[1] Jäger, R., et al. (2017). International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: protein and exercise. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2017 14:20

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