The Rock Style: How Eating 15,000 Calories Cheat Meals Can Benefit You

The science of cheat meals


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Nowadays, Dwayne Johnson is one of the most inspirational people in the world, not only because of his muscular physique, acting skills or helpful life lessons, but also thanks to his legendary 15,000-calorie cheat meal. He decided to eat this epic meal after 150 days of healthy eating (an obviously tedious task), so he decided to have some fun with:

  • 21 brownies
  • 12 pancakes
  • Four double dough pizzas

cheat meals

While you could be shocked by how Dwayne can eat so much junk food and still stay healthy, there are athletes and scientists who believe cheat meals can benefit you when eaten in moderation.

Read how cheat meals can benefit you below:

1. Increase Metabolism

David Hoffman, Germany

If you spend all week eating the same amount of calories, your metabolism would adapt to what it’s being fed. To boost your metabolism again, you should have one or two days per week when you get more calories than usual — commonly referred to as a ‘refeed day.’ To do so, you can eat more healthy food, but if it’s more than you are capable of eating, you can boost metabolism by getting more calories from cheat meals.

2. Keep You Going

goals go

We all know people who were once successful, but threw everything away because their goals became boring. The Rock struggled to achieve his goals for many years, but finally did so because of things like cheat meals, something that helps him and others stay motivated and enjoying life to its optimum.

3. Get Enough Calories

big bodybuilder

If you do intense workouts, you need to get lots of calories to rebuild the body and get enough energy to stay robust. Again, healthy meals are a fine option, but most cheat meals have more calories, so are easier and, for most people, tastier to eat.


How Should You Eat Cheat Meals?

1. Schedule Before You Start


If you want to add cheat meals into your diet, the first thing you should do is decide on what days you will do so. If you start without scheduling, later you could find yourself eating cheat meals daily. Avoid it by scheduling cheat meals before you start so you know you need to eat healthily on other days.

2. Choose What to Eat

junk food

To avoid indigestion, bloating or pain, you should figure out which products suits you best. Also, always choose easy-to-digest cheat meals so they can leave your digestive system faster and help to feel better after eating them.

3. Enjoy


Cheat day is your day, so enjoy it and don’t feel bad about doing what you love. After all, you have cheat meals to have fun and achieve fitness goals, right?

If it’s still difficult for you to think of junk food as beneficial, remember your goals. Also, you can eat together with friends to make it easier for you to forget about intake and enjoy cheat meals with good company.

4. Come Back to Healthy Eating

healthy eating again

After you end cheat day, it’s time to return to a healthy diet, which gives minerals, vitamins, fiber and other useful stuff you need to get stronger.

Without these compounds, cheat meals won’t help you and can limit further gains the long-term. After all, if cheat meals were everything you need, then every bodybuilder’s diet would consist only of pop tarts and ice cream.

See the video about how cheat eating rules on the next page…


To eat cheat meals or not is your choice. If you’re not sure if they can help you, you can always return to a stricter, more traditional if that’s what works for you, diet so there’s nothing to lose.

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