Exclusive Interview with Svetozar “Kika” Nikočević

Meet 59 year old bro Svetozar Nikocevic, nicknamed Kika. He is a gym owner in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. Every morning he greets members of his gym with a brofist and a “Let’s f**king do this champion!” He once threatened to kill a member for leaving a massive shit in the gym toilet.

Svetozar Kika Nikocevic

We decided to dive a little deeper and get some more info on this natural wonder of the world. Kika claims ownership to the unofficial record for the biggest arms in Europe, measuring in at 23.6 inches with a pump. A former footballer, he maintained a successful career playing for teams FC Titograd, Titeks, and Zabjelo. He started lifting when an injury he incurred 26 years ago left him unable to play soccer. It may have been the end of his footy career, but it sparked a love affair with the iron that burned like the molotov cocktails being thrown in the neighboring country of Kosovo. When he first started lifting, Kika proclaims, “I had such a will, I was waking up at 5 in the morning to lift. In three months I gained 20kg (44 lbs.) of muscle mass. People couldn’t believe it.” After a few years he opened his own gym “Santa Monica” on the outskirts of Podgorica.

Svetozar Nikocevic Kika Santa Monica

At the time bodybuilding and powerlifting were relatively unknown in Montenegro, and Kika became somewhat of a local celebrity to the citizens of Zabjela.

Svetozar Kika Nikocevic 2

Spot Me Bro: Kika, what is best in life?
Kika: Throughout my life I play sport, I was a successful football player and after that I focused on bodybuilding, so for me, I love to break my own records and enjoy the training itself more than anything!

Svetozar Kika Nikocevic 6

Spot Me Bro: What does your diet look like?
Kika: My menu consist of a lot of protein with minimal carbohydrate, plenty of fish and vegetable mostly.

Svetozar Kika Nikocevic 4

Spot Me Bro: Do you use any supplements?
Kika: Whey protein immediately after training, amino acids, vitamins, and mineral supplements. I have never used steroids.

Svetozar Nikocevic Kika 9

Spot Me Bro: How much you benching right now, squat, deadlift?
Kika: Bench 160 Kg ( 353 lbs.), Squat 150 Kg (330 lbs.), Deadlift 180 Kg ( 396 lbs.)
Spot Me Bro: Honest and respectable.

Svetozar Nikocevic Kika 8

Spot Me Bro: What is your favorite part of owning a gym?
Kika: It pleases me to see that a lot of young people are motivated to train rather than to indulge in vices. We are a proud community, we socialize together and look forward to powerlifting competitions where members of our gym often set records.

What an honor and a pleasure. Check him out on facebook.

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