A Bro’s Guide To The Low Carb Dieting For Fat Loss




I will admit it. Just the thought of going low carb makes me cry like a Crossfitter without a WOD. No pasta? No rice? No bread? NO PUSSY? Just screwing with you. Pussy is thankfully a low carb food. But still, what the f**ck am I supposed to eat? Tree bark and steak? Iron and amino acids?

I can feel myself losing size just talking about it. What about my daily pump? You can’t get a killer pump without carbs right? Is this a Nazi plot to shrink the world’s muscle mass? Actually not. Low carb (used intelligently) can be by far the most productive fat loss approach.



Carbs are your body’s preferred source of energy, and when you play with your intake of them, good things happen in terms of fat loss. There are two different intelligent low carb methods. The most common method is similar to carb cycling. The less common method is to lower your carbs for an extended period of time that your body becomes fat adapted.

This is by far the more difficult and complicated approach. In the below content we will go over both. So pull up a chair and some pasta. Because after reading this article the only place you will see carbs is in your dreams (Or on a re-feed).


1. The Carb Cycling Approach


The simpler and by far easier method of low carb dieting is to go low carb for a period of time (Normally between 4 and 6 days) and then re-feed with carbs on the 5th or 7th day to replenish your glycogen stores. What does “low carb” consist of? It depends on the individual and how you handle your carbs. If you are one of those “I eat pop tarts and orange juice for breakfast and still have abs,” f**ck… then you can lower your carbs to 150-200 grams per day.

This might seem like a lot, but if you are used to 400 plus carbs a day, it’s going have the desired effect. Re-feeds are normally 3 or more times your normal carb intake for the day. So if you were eating 150 a day during your low carb phrase, you would bump it up to around 500 for your re-feed day. The lower your carbs throughout the week, the higher the re-feed.


For those who handle their carbs like a blind man trying to play basketball (Me), low carb looks something like around 50g of carbs a day. However, I would not recommend going below 50 grams per day. I once ate only turkey breast and mixed nuts for a week (Basically zero carb) and I almost went insane. Seriously. I was crawling on the floor for to days drooling over the thought of oatmeal.

It’s important to note that the lower your carbs, the higher you want your fat intake to be. If all you eat is protein, you will have serious problems — like death. And I am sad to say that you can’t take your gains with you.


2. The Fat Adapted Approach (Ketogenic)

This method is one of the hardest diets on the face of the earth — it consists of not eating any carbs, and surviving only on copious amounts of fat, protein and non-starchy vegetables. After trying to kill you, your body decides that carbs are no longer available and switches to using fat for energy. The liver converts fatty acids into ketones (hence the name “Ketogenic”) to provide your body with energy.


This method is insanely difficult for two reasons: The first being that you have to give up all starchy carbs — this even includes things such as potatoes, so say good bye to French fries. The second is that there is a sort of trial period before your body adapts to using fat as its energy source. And as I said before…this trial period is living hell. Symptoms can range of a bad mood to headaches. It can also cause bad breath, which means it’s not ideal for the long term. This method is only for the strong willed.


So take your pick Brah. And get cutting like a house wife wanting a titty tuck.

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