Eggs Will Strengthen Your Boner!


To Boner or Not To Boner?


We’ve been drowned for 30 years with a low-fat, no-cholesterol diet, and guess how that helped? We’re fatter than before, with higher cholesterol and are dying faster. But most important: we are losing our boners!

Low-fat, no-cholesterol diets are killing our sex drives (and a host of other health concerns like loss of bone density and brain function that aren’t as important as boner loss).


A lost boner is practically a slow and painful death. I’d rather have a damaged leg, arm, and one or two vital organs, before my joystick stops playing.

The life of the bonerless man is as such: His wife leaves him because he has no boner, he gets depressed, his boss fires him because he’s depressed, his landlord evicts him since he can’t pay rent, he then turns to drinking, and dies miserably.

Cholesterol Doesn’t Raise Cholesterol, it Makes You More Androgenic aka It Raises Mr. Johnson.

Without good cholesterol, aka HDL, which can come from whole and raw eggs (remember Rocky?), the body cannot produce pregnenolonec, which is converted into steroids, such as DHEA.

DHEA is used to make androgens, aka your sex hormones. Simply put, lowered cholesterol equals lower sex drive levels, which is the equivalent of wanting to work out, but not having the endurance to do so. 

Check out the next page for how saturated fat helps the boner:

Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Cholesterol and saturated fat are important substances to our sex and adrenal hormone production. Both of them regulate hormone and testosterone strength, which determines libido levels.

So, your best friends in bed should be lady fat on one cheek, mistress cholesterol on the other, and sweet maple syrup in the middle. Now this is when you can eat alot and fast. 



Instead, I’ve seen dudes take the time to separate an egg yolk from the egg white in order to avoid four grams of healthy, essential fat, but are completely fine downing three donuts post workout because “it fits the macros”.

Unless I’m being fed a donut from my lady, it’s not happening!

"Feed me like one of your French boys."

There’s More Energy to Burn in Satiated Fat than Carbs At Any Given Time. 

Pam Bede, R.D., sports dietitian for Abbott’s EAS Sports Nutrition believes your body burns calories of carbs at a faster rate than calories of fat, because your body holds way less carbs (about 2,500 at a given time) than fat (50,000).

Fat Burning

When the carbs are low, as you work out, you’ll have more energy with fat, than you would with carbs.

Even more science sh*t,  saturated fat is dense in calories, so it’s possible to over eat; but it’s also extremely satiating, making it very difficult to over eat. So when you see a fatty in McDonald’s ordering a super everything, remember it’s not the fat, it’s the excessive fat that creates the titty over belly, stacks of jelly experience.


In 2010 the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that saturated fat had little to no link to heart disease. Plus, the extremely satiating MCT (medium-chain-triglycerides) and saturated fat like butter and coconut oil absorb quickly, making them immediately available to burn off for energy.

How did we come to believe saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for us?

Here are your saturated fats!

 Saturated Fat Will Assist Libido

Actually 15% of your fat intake can still be considered healthy, according to Frances Sizer and Ellie Whitney, famed nutritionists.

The Poliquin Group put together studies on fat intake which found that reducing fat in men by increasing carbohydrate intake led to significantly lower free testosterone. It was concluded that fat allows for higher androgens, and a stronger libido.Man showing thumbs up as woman kisses

Back in business!

Personally, I strive to have a diet of no less than 25-30% fat daily to keep my testosterone and lady friend elevated.

For the best testosterone booster on the market check out A Gentlemen’s Guide to Natural Testosterone Boosters

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  1. Tim Ferris has written in his “4 hour body” book; 800 mg cholesterol taken in the evening, 20-24 hours before you want to have sex will produce the sex drive of your life.
    He recommends a smoothie with 4 large egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of almond butter as the most convenient way to get the cholesterol
    He says take it in the evening because testosterone is produced after midnight (?)

    My question is ; if sweetie-pie likes to do it in the morning; which is more important;
    have the smoothie
    – “20-24 hours before sex”
    – or “take it in the evening because testosterone is produced after midnight”
    Has anyone done any practical work on this?
    Will the smoothie taken at 10 a.m. produce the desired response at 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. the next day ????

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