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The beauty of writing on fitness related topics is there’s always something new on the horizon. Either it’s a hot new workout routine or a huge powerlifter squatting with a house on his back. Something new always pops up.

In this case, it’s the supposed truth behind the YouTube superstar, Bradley Martyn. But before we get into the “exposing” part, let’s make a quick bio on Brad, in case you haven’t been on YouTube in the past three years.

Brad, pictured above, came to internet fame by starting his own YouTube channel and gained many fans and subscribers by doing crazy stunts with ridiculous amounts of weight.

And when weights aren’t enough, he uses hot fitness chicks instead. The rest is as you would say, is history. He started his own clothing and supplement line, made a bunch of side projects with Mike Tornabene (the man behind the Dom Mazzetti character) and started living the good life surrounded by famous fitness people all while, more than likely, drowning in women.

So what’s the deal here? Cool guy, down to earth, has no problem with making fun of himself and is all smiles, all the time.

On January 10th, Martyn uploaded a video title “THE FITNESS INDUSTRY IS F*CKED” in which he dropped a truth bomb and vented about things that rub him the wrong way in the fitness industry. Basically, he cut a promo on YouTube and Instagram celebrities taking advantage of their fans and charging autograph signings, which, he has a point — charging for an autograph is kinda silly. However, you can’t really blame someone for trying to make a quick buck.

Moving along, our story quickly gets interesting eight days later when the man behind “Traintolookgoodnaked” YouTube channel made a video titled “RAW TRUTH ABOUT BRADLEY MARTYN – MY EXPERIENCE”. Hot off the heels of Brad’s video, Traintolookgoodnaked decided to shed some light on Bradley Martyn and what kind of a person he really is.

As you can see in the video above, not a lot of positive words towards Bradley. From backing out of previously agreed upon deals to copying trending/famous merchandise and rebranding it as his own and talking smack about online coaches using other people to do the coaching for them, only to do the same thing himself. Martyn’s “truth speaking, down to earth and all around cool guy” persona quickly started to crumble.

Enter, Calum Von Moger…


The video quickly gained traction and it didn’t take long before another person from the youtube fitness industry publicly shared his own Bradley Martyn experience. The person in question is, you’ve guessed it, Calum Von Moger.

Not a lot positive words towards Bradley and his behavior. The same story of Bradley burning bridges and backstabbing people quickly emerges with still no response from Martyn himself.

That is until, four days ago when Von Moger made a video titled “SQUASHING BEEF WITH BRADLEY MARTYN” with Bradley Martyn.

In the video the two mountains of muscle discuss their issues and seemingly end the “he said, she said” bickering fairly quickly. Or do they?

They don’t.

Quickly after making a video with Calum and acknowledging committing some wrong doings in the past, Bradley made an apology video on his own channel and quickly deleted it and has pretty much kept silent on this whole ordeal. On the other hand, Calum made another video, letting everything off his chest and telling the story like it is.

This is where this story ends. Bradley has made some cryptic and vague remarks on his twitter and recent YouTube videos but nothing direct. Calum painted a very colorful picture of Bradley trying to scam him, ignoring his texts, lawyering up and threatening to sue him if he gives the entire story out.

And just as I am writing this article, it has come to my attention that another YouTuber, named “KanevskyFitness” made a video related to this subject mere hours ago.

All this negativity would all go away if Bradley decided to speak up and dismiss everything or anything that’s been said about him. But unfortunately, it isn’t looking like he will do that in the near future.

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