Layne Norton Destroys “Clean Eating”

How about you loosen up?


Our favorite PhD is back spreading the gospel of gains, and it’s never tasted so good. His string of anabolic opinions laced with peer-reviewed credibility will no doubt spark controversy in the eyes of die-hard boiled chicken and rice proponents; however, the bodybuilding community is an ointment that needs a fly in it.

“But guys, shouldn’t I be suffering during a diet?”

Thank decades of hearsay for that (not to mention outdated science), and a misery loves company mindset by the hardcore calorie restrictors. Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to be reminiscent of medieval catholicism, complete with suppression, shame, and self-denial. You can have your bacon and eat it too — that will actually support your testosterone production.

Leave it to Layne to tell it straight. Dense science, broken down for anabolic application.

If you did yourself a favor and watched the entire video, you’re well on your way to enjoying the journey. Aside from simply paraphrasing what the Doctor said, here is possibly the singular most important reason that this archaic, bland dieting needs to show itself the door.

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Mental Health

In a world that’s pushed through the struggles of past civilizations, we in the western communities have shifted to avoidance when it comes to food. We’re bombarded by manufactured calories, sweeteners, and advertising geared towards our addiction to flavor. Preservatives, added sugars, and cut corners are indeed awful for us. However, it’s caused an equal and opposite reaction from fitness junkies.

Instead of finding that sweet spot, a middle ground of moderation and general good health practices, bodybuilders specifically have developed a mindset of restrict, restrict, restrict. From a completely logical standpoint devoid of feeling this seems like the most sound option. However, enter the human psyche.

We as individuals tend to dislike being told what to do, it’s human nature. Couple this defiant characteristic with the addictive properties of sugar and synthetic sweeteners and we’re on a one-way track to any number of eating disorders. This idea of severe suppression followed by an earned “cheat day” is the perfect storm to create awful eating habits. Turning the well-intentioned cheat meal into consuming as much garbage food as humanly possible within the given time window is an eating disorder, plain and simple.


Yin and Yang, inner peace, whatever label you decide to give it, balance is important for every aspect of life. Eating plain chicken breast and kale for seven straight days then binging on Cinnabon, Ben and Jerry’s, and Pop Tarts for the eighth is no way to live. It will damage you socially, it will damage you mentally, and specifically for gym goers, it will most definitely damage you physically.

Determine your goal, develop a plan, and eat as varied a diet as you can manage. Learn to live healthy while still going out with your friends, or cooking bacon and eggs for that girl that’s staying over (don’t freak her out with a food scale). Don’t get us wrong, added sugar and colored dyes are still poison. In light of that, cheat days that revolve around consuming all the “bad things” that have been denied you all week or month still involve ingesting that trash.

Avoid the designer food, eat your fats, increase your fiber, even cut out meat if you’re feeling earthy. Whatever gets you closer to a state of balance and a sustainable lifestyle is a step in the right direction. Get the gains without the guilt and stress, and stop absorbing advice from Instagram models. They’re lucky they passed grade school.

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