How Your Diet Can Give You Powerful Erections

Psst! Over here! It’s a secret.


Psst! Over here! Let us let you in on our dirty little secret. Obviously not the latest muscle building trend again, but rather something not discussed very often. Something that could potentially make you a complete stud in the bedroom.

Eating your way to more powerful erections!

Yes, yes we know; between men, we are bound by a code of honor always to say things are “just great” in that department, and there’s nothing more you could want. You’re already a sex god. End of story. Time to tell your ego to step aside, bro, because YOU’RE LYING TO YOURSELF.

The fact is, as a man you are always going to want more. More muscle, more sex, and more powerful stiffies! Always keep pushing to become the better man, because this is what real men do.

We ain’t here to preach you the pros/cons of little blue pills, they might supersize your ego for the night, but in the long term, they will completely demolish your self-esteem.

Rather, we want to teach you how you can have your woman experience the eighth wonders of the land down under, just by thinking more about what you put in your mouth. This way, she will likely be more willing to put stuff in hers as well… 😉 Ready to have your err…. Mind, blown?

The Power Of Blood Flow

Blood is literally the life force that flows through your entire body. It can make or break the best of us, being responsible for that immense pump you experience in the gym, or lack thereof. It can also help ward off fatigue and boost endurance (so you are able to “grind” at work longer). Catch our drift?

There are literally endless reasons why you would want to improve the flow of blood in your body, and they can all be accomplished thanks to substances known as vasodilators.

Vaso-who? No man, this is not bro science! Basically, compounds that enlarge/swell (dilate) the blood vessels (vaso), and allow blood to flow at an increased rate or volume. Unless you have a pre-existing medical condition, almost everyone can benefit from increasing their intake of natural vasodilator foods.

All these vasodilator foods work with the end goal of increasing levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood, the substance that actually is responsible for all the noticeable effects of increased blood flow.

Since we’ve hopefully got your undivided attention by now, what can you consume for skin tearing “pumps” and boners?


Image result for watermelon meme

Want to have more fun with your melons? Then consume watermelons! (yeah we know that’s a bad one).

Starting the list off is the grand-daddy of food vasodilators, the watermelon. Watermelon is known to have high levels of the amino acid L-citrulline, which is converted into L-arginine inside the body. L-arginine is then directly used to synthesize nitric oxide, explaining why supplements containing citrulline or arginine are frequently used in male enhancement products.

Arginine has been popular in supplements to treat erectile dysfunction for years, but citrulline is arginine’s big brother and KING of blood flow.

For results, consume a slice of watermelon daily as part of your post-workout meal (try to eat as much as you can of the rind as well, that’s where most of the good stuff are). For maximum results (think Hercules, but half human half sex god!), also consume a powdered citrulline supplement daily.

Dark Chocolate and Cacao

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Dark chocolate has emerged recently as a “too good to be true” kind of food, being able to boost muscle growth to supra-physiological levels without roids (because of its epicatechin content).

However, it was also found that the high levels of epicatechin in dark chocolate (with a minimum 70% cacao content) was also able to boost nitric oxide levels in the blood vessels, at least in rodent studies. Hey, we don’t see why it would hurt to try it anyway, since who needs another excuse to eat chocolate?

Rodent studies aside, there is a growing crowd of professional bodybuilders who swear by the pumps they receive from melting 50g-100g high cacao dark chocolate into their pre-workout shakes. So if you don’t trust the rats, maybe bro science can convince you?


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Garlic makes for tasty food and bad breath, but there is now evidence that garlic can significantly boost your testosterone levels, which plays a major role in maintaining libido and erectile potency.

However, that’s not where the cookie crumbles. Garlic can do so much more; it’s surprising it hasn’t become a mainstay in male enhancement products yet!

Garlic can help reduce systemic inflammation, modulate blood pressure and promote nitric oxide synthesis. It does so by actually commanding the enzyme eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthase) to get its butt into high gear and get your man juices flowing (metaphorically speaking, don’t take that analogy too literally!)

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Citrus Fruits

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When we think of those sour-sweet morsels of goodness, we call citrus fruits, being able to help wake the big guy (or little! We feel your pain, man) downstairs is not something that rushes to mind.

However, besides the potent anti-oxidant effect of vitamin C found in citrus fruits such as oranges, their bioflavonoid levels (especially quercetin), were found to have a pronounced effect on raising arterial levels of nitric oxide, dilating blood vessels and even helping abate symptoms of high blood pressure.

Hold your horses, it gets even more interesting! A study conducted on humans (no rat stiffies this time!) demonstrated that Garlic and Vitamin C have super synergistic effects on vascular health, increasing nitric oxide levels by a whopping 200% while simultaneously decreasing both systolic and diastolic aspects of blood pressure.

Remember! A healthy vascular system is key for peak erectile potency!

Leafy Greens

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Your mama told you that eating your greens was important, but you didn’t take her advice, did ya?

Fast forward 20 years, and you’ve hopefully re-discovered the truth of the gospel of greens. Why? As it happens, many kinds of leafy greens are naturally rich in nitrates.

Nitrates in their natural state aren’t of much use, but they are converted into nitrites by bacteria’s in the mouth, and then, cue drumroll, to the elusive nitric oxide on its journey through the digestive system!

Nitric oxide from nitrates is the real deal — they dilate blood vessels including those found in your most precious manly ‘asset’!

In particular, try to consume these leafy greens:

• Cabbage
• Kale
• Swiss Chard
• Spinach

They are cheap (cost maybe 1/10 the cost of a little blue pill. Not that we would know…) and are safe to consume every day. Don’t like the taste? Don’t be a sissy! Man up and chug them down, mixed into a smoothie. There are plenty of ways you can mask the taste using fruit, or for a rock-hard super shake, a few tablespoons of cacao powder!

Chili Peppers

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You know what they say “some like it hot”, but not in the way you’re thinking. Focus, bro!

All jokes aside, the principal alkaloid found in hot peppers is a compound known as capsaicin, which has demonstrated great potential in boosting nitric oxide levels and reducing blood pressure.

Chili peppers are also effective blood thinners, and before the era of today’s modern medicine (think guillotines and heroin cough medicines), they were used to stop heart attacks!

You may also notice increased vascularity, whether that be from your vessels trying to escape the confines of that fiery pepper hell, you tell us.


Image result for sexy Pomegranates meme

Pomegranates can be considered a man’s new best friend (sorry doggie, move over) as its effects on testosterone levels and its ability to ramp up your erections are solid, and we mean that literally, REAL SOLID!

A study of men who took pomegranate juice daily for 3 years straight, reported the following fascinating facts, such as:

• Up to 30% reduction in levels of arterial plaque deposits
• Massive increase in nitric oxide levels which coincided with improved blood pressure
• Reduction in LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, which reduce risks of heart disease significantly.

As if that’s not enough to perk our guy up, another study revealed an average 24% increase in testosterone levels in just 2 weeks.

No wonder pomegranate is hailed as a natural Viagra in many parts of the world. Time to get juicing!


As you have now learned, solving those ‘man problems’ can be easier than you think. Who wants to rely on a blue pill for their manhood, eh?

Take control of that diet and make it work for you and not only your cravings. We think most guys would agree that our desires for women, far outweighs that of junk foods that slowly suck the manliness out of us (or for your sake we sure hope so!).

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