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    How to Become Vascular and Shredded By Utilizing Water

      It’s safe to say that water is the cure to 90% of your physical problems, of course aside from the Pop Tart binges. Chances are you’re not getting enough, and much like humility, if you think you have enough, you probably still don’t. Biologically, you’re basically a walking sack of water. There could be […]

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    Huge Performance Improvements? Hold The Carbs At Nighttime

      But they taste so good! We know, and it might be a conspiracy by the food corporations to steal your gains; but seriously, hold off on the sugars. Let’s dig right into the facts. Multiple studies were highlighted in a recent article by the New York Times examining the effects of evening carbohydrate restriction […]

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    6 Ways That Collagen Actually Helps With Bodybuilding

      Does collagen have any positive effect on bodybuilding and making gains? Hell-f_cking-yes it does! For those who are not versed in the way of the collagen, I will explain: Collagen is connective tissue that is found in all animals. It can be found abundantly in tendons, ligaments and skin. The chicken skin you always […]

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    Bodybuilding’s New Rules To Up Your Gains

      Thanks to advancements in sports science, and controlled studies, the old rules of bodybuilding are being pushed aside by more modern approaches. Due to the nature of the old rules which were discovered by bodybuilders in the trenches, many of the more “modern approach” are simply broscience. Broscience has its place in bodybuilding, but […]

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    Use Broccoli And Carb Cycling For Extreme Fat Loss

      How does one get rid of water weight? By dropping sodium? Dropping carbs? Deceasing water intake? Don’t worry! YouTube fitness star Elliott Hulse has a diet designed to not only help you drop water weight, but also restart your metabolism and detox your body of toxins. “How?” you might ask. By ingesting excessive amounts […]

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    6 Signs That Your Testosterone Levels Might Be Low

      We’ve all thought about it at one point or another, “are my balls doing their job in keeping my veins full of testosterone 24/7?” Well I have, and there’s no shame in it. Fortunately for all you sad c_nts this is a problem that you yourself can fix, naturally, of course — unless you’re […]

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    The “Two Grams of Protein” Scam Epidemic

      Protein. If you’ve ever stepped into a gym, flicked briefly through a fitness magazine or have at any point spent at least three minutes researching how to build muscle, there’s a very good chance you’ll have come across protein. But you’ve been scammed out of your hard-earned paycheck if you’ve bought into this philosophy that […]

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    Can Keto Help You Lose Weight & Gain Muscle? The Truth Revealed

      The ketogenic diet carries a poor reputation among some who feel a food plan lacking in higher carbohydrate numbers isn’t properly able to fuel the body of someone committed to an athletic lifestyle—but those claims could be way off the mark. By definition, a ketogenic employs a staple of high fat, moderate protein and […]

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    Trainer Gains 70lbs to Help Client Lose Weight Together

      Humans have a track record of doing what’s bad for them fully knowing the outcome will be a negative one, but what about those bad decisions that, while risky in the short term, promise to reap major rewards in the long run? Aptly named personal trainer Adonis Hills demonstrated this practice by purposefully gaining 70lbs […]