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    4 Factors That Increase Muscle Growth

      Have you heard about folks who in one month gained 30 pounds of muscle? There are a few people who can achieve it, but for most lifters, it‘s too difficult a task to complete; why? Because Rich Piana, who completed this task, had to eat 12 meals and train for two hours daily. Not […]

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    How Long Does it Take to Become Fat And Weak?

      It’s good to have days when you can rest and restore your strength, right? After all, we know that you train hard at least four times a week, so exercising puts a great deal of stress on your body. But if you’re one of those who don’t know about how ‘missed’ training days affect your physique, it’s […]

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    How to Increase HGH Level Naturally

        Many people look to HGH injection therapy as the way to replenish dwindling growth hormone levels in the body, and if a GH deficiency has been diagnosed, this is the best method. There are steps a person can take to prevent or put off this decline in the first place. Although it is […]

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    8 Natural And Metabolism-Boosting Foods

      If you want to eat the same amount of food and don’t want to train harder to lose weight, it’s a good idea to eat more metabolism-boosting products. Simply put, your metabolism determines how much energy you use to stay alive and well. For example, if you have a slow metabolism, it means that you […]

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    5 Benefits of The Most Popular Fruit in The World

      Bananas are popular all around the world, and while they aren’t the so popular in all countries, a banana is still the most consumed fruit globally. However, bananas are sometimes underrated as an unhealthy food because of the sugar content. In truth, bananas are good for everyone; whether you’re a teenager or an old man. It’s […]

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    6 Result-Crushing Myths About Fat

      For a long time, fat was considered to be a danger that lifters should eliminate from their diets. However, times change, so our knowledge of what is useful and what is not becomes better. As the latest scientific researches proved, fat is a much needed nutrient for everyone; whether you train or not. After all, people […]

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    Why Cardio Sucks and What You Should Do Instead

      Let’s face it cardio sucks! And best of all, you don’t need to do it. I honestly can’t imagine why anybody would actually enjoy running on a stationary piece of equipment, surrounded by several sweaty people in a gym. But maybe I’m just being bias towards it. 1. It Takes Time Most people who […]

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    The Most Important Carb For Lifters

      As fitness enthusiasts, we know how picky our readers are when it comes to their carbs and how much of them they take in, but carbs are still a very significant part of the diet. You’d be surprised to learn, however, that one of the most important carbs a lifter can eat is white rice. […]

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    Blue Zones: Where Immortal People Never Die

      Because we Americans stuff our faces with choice foods such as pop tarts and hot dogs, all while stressing about our horrible jobs and vegging out on Netflix, we assume people just naturally drop dead at fifty. Thankfully, this assumption is delusional and probably caused by eating too many pop tarts to begin with. There are […]