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  • fitguy

    Questions That Every Person Has About Losing Weight

        When it comes to weight loss, it seems like it should be simple. You need to burn more calories than you consume and the pounds will just fall off. While this sounds like it should be simple, anyone who’s trying to lose weight knows that it’s never actually this simple. Even if you’re […]

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  • asian

    The Top 10 Reasons Why Asians Aren’t As Fat As You

      Take in any documentary examining the differences in lifestyle between most Asian cultures and their western counterpart, and one thing will become clear above all else: They are slimmer than “us.” In the North America and large portions of Europe, processed foods are commonplace, and we also have extremely different exercise regimes in terms […]

  • build-muscle-mass

    Build Muscle Mass With These 5 Simple Rules

      Rules — this is what it comes down to. If you’ve been unable to build muscle mass, chances are you’ve been doing something wrong. It is time to correct your mistakes and make the most of your time in the gym. These rules are sure to work on any body type, so the excuse […]

  • 400000

    The NEW Michael Phelps Diet We Need In Our Lives

      It’s virtually impossible to talk about Micheal Phelps without drooling over his crazy diet. Twelve thousand calories? Does he have a twin who he feeds on the side he never told us about? In the bodybuilding and fitness world, eating between 6,000 and 7,000 calories is considered pretty crazy, and the only people who even get close to […]

  • untitled-design-48

    6 Protein-Rich Meals to Eat Before Going to Sleep

      If you want to build muscle mass, getting enough protein and calories is as important as training hard enough to trigger muscle growth. It’s essential our muscles are provided with enough protein before going to sleep. However, if you consume too many calories before bed, it can results in those calories being retained as fat, […]

  • prison2

    Italy Wants to Jail Vegans Who Force Diet On Their Children

      Is veganism a crime? As far as law enforcement is concerned, no, but forcing a vegan diet on one’s offspring could soon be deemed as such in Italy after proposals were made to prevent parents forcing it upon their their children. In what could be a groundbreaking manoeuvre in how the trend of veganism […]

  • pizza

    5 Power Snacks to Help Build Muscle While Sleeping

      One of the top nightmares for any serious bodybuilder is hitting a plateau. For most, especially natural athletes, hitting a plateau can be really demoralizing. You work as hard and consistently as you can in the gym but your physical growth seems to have become stagnant. If you are lifting regularly while maintaining a […]