5 Low Carb Diet Myths That Need To Die

You’ve heard them, now let’s kill them

Low carb diets are infamous for being hard, grueling and torturing on the body. But how much of all those stories and myths are actually true? Well, we’re here to find out. So buckle up, put on your reading glasses and let’s start crushing some myths!

Low Carb Diet Myths

1. Eating a Low Carb Diet Kills Your Muscles

The theory goes that if you deprive your body of some good ol’ carbs, it will start feeding on itself and destroy your gains, well that is not correct. As you decrease your carbohydrate intake your body starts reaching for glycogen that’s stored in your muscles as a substitute.

Glycogen, on the other hand, tends to pull water from your body into your muscles. Naturally, once your body starts consuming glycogen storages from your muscles, it will also drain them from water and make you look skinnier than usual. Which is probably where this myth started.

If your diet consists of high amounts of protein and is low in carbs, your body will begin to lose fat fairly fast and build your muscles. Even if you are not exercising regularly, you will build muscles. So if you manage to balance your diet with quality workout sessions several times per week, you will lean out and maintain your gains.

2. Low Carb Is Bad For Your Health

Low carb diets are often high in saturated fat, so the opinion is that this kind of extreme dieting raises blood cholesterol and increases the risk of heart diseases. Yeah, about that… low carb diets have been shown to actually reduce risks of heart diseases and increases the “good” cholesterol in your body.

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