Zottman Curls: Gives You Arms Like a Silverback Gorilla

You want forearms like a lowland gorilla in heat?



You want forearms like a silverback gorilla in heat? Like Popeye after a dropset of wrist curls? Well an old guy named Zottman, some people here at Spot Me Bro, and Rich Piana all know a decent way to get there.

Look at that form!

The Zottman Curl


When you’re training biceps, there’s definitely a limited number of distinct movements you can do — most involve the word curl. Actually, they all involve the word curl; so anything new or out of the ordinary is welcome news. Zottman curls are killing two birds with one dumbbell. Begin exactly like you would with Alternating Dumbbell Curls, however, bring them back down like Reverse Curls. Mr. Piana will demonstrate on the next page.

See the instructional video on the next page…

The benefit of hitting forearms on the way down is obvious. Hell, who actually has the time for separate sets of flexor and extensor exercises? Aside from holding onto the deadlift bar for dear life during a 5×5, most of us don’t get any extra lower arm work; so give the Zottman’s a try. Thank us and Rich later, when your arms swell up so big, they look like two giant erect meat sticks.

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