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6 Moves That Will Get You Massive Arms In 12 Weeks

You probably just saw it today. The narcissistic guy who’s constantly taking selfies and occupying all the dumbbells, or even worse, doing curls in the squat rack. Even though you might have seen him for years, his arms look puny and people still ask him “do you even lift?” That’s because the curl is meant to be an isolation exercise for already massive bodybuilders but it’s terrible to rely upon for getting bigger guns.

Most guys are trying to gain mass. Their biceps usually aren’t an issue, especially since everybody loves training them.

However, the problem is the muscles surrounding the bicep. Triceps make up around 60% percent of the upper arm and must be trained probably if you want to fill out your sleeves. Here are six exercises that target more of the muscles you want to grow, so you can get big arms that girls want to squeeze instead of laugh at.


 1. Chin-Ups


When it comes to building massive arms and peak bicep development, the chin-up is king. Pulling from above the head, this gives you a chance to develop the brachialis muscle (long head of the bicep), which is something regular curls won’t do.

Also, chin-ups work your upper and mid-back, which helps pull your shoulders back and make your chest look bigger. The thing to keep in mind is chin-ups require you to grip the bar with palms facing you.

Program It: Do five to eight sets of max reps at the beginning of your back workout. Use proper form, no sh*tty CrossFit style kipping chin-ups and rest two to three minutes between sets.

2. Single Arm Dumbbell Rows


Doing heavy rows (especially with a neutral or underhand grip) will target your biceps and trigger growth. The tension that a heavy set of rows can create will also work your forearms. One important forearm muscle is called the brachioradialis, which crosses over the elbow joint and contributes to upper arm girth. You’ll probably notice there are not too many people with big forearms, who don’t also have big upper arms.

Program It: Do four or more sets of 12 to 15 reps. Use proper form, so make sure you aren’t doing them like your cranking a lawnmower.


3. Loaded Carries

The muscles worked during loaded carries (the traps and deltoids, located in the upper back) play a large role in creating pulling and grip strength. If you add strength to these muscles, then you will also be able to gain more size in your arms.

This exercise simple: Pick up the heaviest dumbbells you can hold and walk with them by your sides as long as you can (particularly in front of the girls you’re trying to impress) before putting them down.


Program It: Do four walks at the end of your workout. Aim for at least one minute (but that’s still not good enough) and rest as long as you need to (but don’t take your sweet-ass time).

4. Dips

You won’t get massive guns unless you overload the triceps. As long as your shoulders are healthy enough, you should be doing dips. Doing parallel bar dips is an awesome way to hit the lateral head of the triceps. This exercise is awesome for stacking on muscle mass and even better with a weight gainer for you toothpicks out there.


Program It: Do four to six sets of 12 reps. When 12 reps becomes too easy, start doing weighted dips. Rest two to three minutes between sets.


5. Skull Crushers

The long head of the triceps seems to be the most neglected muscle in the entire upper arm. This head attaches high on your shoulders and is best activated when the load is far away form the body. So lying skull crushers would be the perfect exercise to target it. Make sure you use an EZ curl bar with a narrow grip unless you want to feel pain in your wrists.

Program It: Do four to six sets of eight to 12 reps. Rest two to three minutes between sets.

6. Reverse Curls


If you are obsessed with curls and can’t get rid of them, then you can at least try reverse curls. Like any kind of rows, they target the forearms and make the muscle closer to the elbow of your upper arm grow stronger and thicker. Make sure you hold a barbell or dumbbell with the palms facing down, keep your elbows locked in place and start curling.

Program It: Do four to six sets of eight to 12 reps, lowering slowly to keep tension. Rest one minute between sets.

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