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Why You Should Do Decline Bench Presses for a Barrel Chest

Almost every bodybuilder performs bench presses. And this is great because this exercise is a time-tested way to help yourself to grow muscle mass and strengthen your muscles without worrying whether it’ll work or not.

Another useful exercise that you can often see people performing in the gym is the incline bench press. This is a slight variation of a regular bench press when you use an incline bench to lift the barbell.

Simply put, everything else is the same as if you were doing regular bench presses, but because you lift the barbell while your chest is a bit higher than your abs, it gives more work to your upper chest.

So, this is a great way to target your upper chest if performing regular bench presses and other chest exercises aren’t enough to make your upper chest grow.



However, if incline bench presses are quite popular, it isn’t the same with decline bench presses. This is one more variation of bench presses when you use a decline bench to target your lower chest, one of the areas many people forget to train.

If you’re serious about building a gigantic chest, then making sure every part of your chest gets plenty of work is necessary. This can be achieved by doing a huge variety of exercises and making sure you do them properly.

So, doing incline bench presses is almost a must-do if you want to achieve such results. Of course, you can also target your lower chest by performing dips and some variations of push-ups but in many cases, this isn’t enough without adding decline bench presses to your routine.

Why Should I do Decline Bench Presses?

First of all, decline bench presses are more effective for targeting lower chest than bench presses and incline bench presses. This is because doing decline bench presses is more efficient at stimulating lower-pectoral without making the shoulders do most of the work.

So, instead of relying on your shoulder strength, this exercise will isolate your lower chest, which is important if you want to give this muscle plenty of work.

How to Perform Decline Bench Presses?

Lie down on a decline bench press and grab the bar a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Unrack the bar and lower it towards your chest. Press the barbell up and repeat the same process again.

At first, this exercise might feel uncomfortable due to lying on a decline bench or because it fully concentrates on your lower chest. But keep doing this exercise and this feeling will fade away.

Also, you can perform decline dumbbell bench presses. Everything you need to do is similar to decline bench presses but in this case, you should be more careful because this is an odd angle to hold the dumbbells.

So, it’s a good idea to start practicing these exercises with a spotter to make sure there won’t be any injuries in the future.

If you want to develop your lower chest muscles as fast you can, start training your lower chest at the start of your workout while you’re still at your strongest. Also, don’t forget exercises such as dips and incline push-ups as they are also good at targeting the lower chest.

If you’re able of training you lower, middle, and upper chest properly, then you shouldn’t have any problems with your chest in the future.

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