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Start Doing These 6 Exercises to Grow Massive Forearms


There are many exercises you can perform to strengthen your legs, abdominals, chest, shoulders, or any other body part. However, it’s quite difficult to find at least a little bit information about how to train your forearms.

One of the reasons for this is that the forearms get quite a lot of work while training your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and simply while holding some sort of weight in your hands. Due to this, some bodybuilders don’t target their forearms at all.

Yet, not everyone is satisfied with how their forearms look just by holding some weights. If you’re one of those people who want to grow thicker forearms, then try the exercises below that will give additional work to your forearms.

1. Farmer’s Carry

This exercise is highly important if you want to strengthen your grip and build powerful forearms. Begin it by grabbing a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell in both of your arms and start walking. Do it while keeping your abdominals braced and your shoulders a little bit pulled while moving.

You can use this exercise as a warm-up or do like a finisher for your workout. For best results, try doing two to three sets by walking for 20 yards.

2. Trap Bar Carry

Use this exercise to strengthen your forearms and grip even more as this exercise allows carrying much more weight than while performing the farmer’s carry. Start the exercise by loading a trap bar with heavy weights. Then, stand inside, lift the bar up, and start moving forward.

Make sure to keep your shoulders and abs pulled back as you walk. Because this exercise allows using heavier weights, you should do two to three sets by walking only 15 yards to not overwork your muscles.

3. Towel Pull-Ups

While regular pull-ups are already good at training forearms, using towels while doing this exercise can strengthen your forearms even more. To perform this exercise, wrap up and then grab two towels instead of a pull-up bar. Perform pull-ups in the same way as before by pulling yourself up and then lowering your body down.

If this exercise is too difficult, start by grabbing a towel in one arm and grabbing a pull-up bar with the other. After performing one set, make sure to alternate the sides.


4. Plate Curls

To further strengthen your forearms, you need to start doing exercises that would give additional work to your fingers. One of the best methods to do so is to do plate curls. This is because while you do this exercise, you need to use a plate and grab it by its ends and then perform curls. By using plates instead of dumbbells, you give more work to your fingers, so it’s an effective way to increase your forearm gains.

5. Pinch Carries

Use this exercise to activate your forearms by squeezing your fingers so that the plates don’t separate. To complete this, you have to pinch two or more plates together so that they don’t slip from your hands. You can do this exercise while standing in the same place or while you walk, just make sure to stay tall and tighten up your core while doing it.

6. Grip Crushers

If you want to isolate your forearms without training any other muscles, then you should do grip crushers. Wrap your hand around a grip crusher and then squeeze it with your fingers until the handles touch. Then, release your fingers and repeat the same process again.

Add these exercises to your routine and you should see how your forearms grow bigger and stronger. Most importantly, make sure to perform every exercise correctly and one day you’ll see your desired results.

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