5 Upper Chest Exercises That’ll Give You the Complete Barrel Look

Strengthen your upper chest with these exercises.

If you feel like you spend enough time and energy on your chest and you see no results, the reason might be because your upper chest lacks some training. This can happen to everyone as most popular chest exercises like bench presses, dumbbell bench presses, and push-ups concentrate on your middle chest while giving less work to your upper chest.

This means that if too many of your chest exercises concentrate your middle chest, your whole chest might suffer from it and not grow bigger and stronger.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to start doing some exercises that target upper chest and perform them at the start of your workout while your energy levels are at the highest level.

5 Exercises to Build Upper Chest

1. Incline Hammer Strength Machine Presses

While some people avoid using machines because they think that it’s not the most effective way to get stronger and build an incredible physique, the truth is that even machines provide their own benefits.

One of them is that while using machines it’s almost impossible to perform exercises incorrectly. Moreover, the incline hammer strength machine is suitable for those who have shoulder injuries or back problems as it’s much safer to use than free weights.

Also, this machine makes it easy to achieve a full contraction of the upper chest muscles and allows adjusting the height of the seat to hit your upper pecs from different angles.

2. Decline Push-Ups

If you like using your own body weight, then you can perform decline push-ups. You can make your upper chest work harder or easier depending on how high you position your legs.

If it becomes easier for your upper chest, then it means that your middle chest gets more work. So, you can easily adjust to your own difficulty level according to your performance.

3. Incline Cable Flies

One of the best things about this exercise is that it provides constant tension on the upper chest muscle fibers, which makes it highly effective for isolating this particular muscle.

If you want, you can perform unilateral high cable flies as this exercise also requires using cables and is great for hitting upper chest. The primary difference is that you’ll need to do it while standing instead of lying on an incline bench.

4. Landmine Chest Presses

Performing some unconventional exercises is a great way to shock your muscles and make your workout more interesting. This is the reason why you should try landmine chest presses as hitting your muscles from different angles is important in making sure that they grow bigger and stronger.

You can do it while sitting to strengthen the core and stability or while standing to improve muscular balance. Both ways are fine as long as you feel like you benefit from these variations.

5. Incline Bench Presses

Finally, the exercise that will most probably give the greatest results to your upper chest is the incline bench press. If you use the bench, then it’ll be easier for you to increase weights more gradually than while using the dumbbells.

On the other hand, if you use the dumbbells to perform incline dumbbell presses, it’ll be harder to increase your weights gradually but it’ll teach you to stabilize your shoulders and core, which is a great way to strengthen your weaker muscles.

It can feel a bit uncomfortable to lift the barbell and dumbbells if you’re performing it on an incline bench, so you should start with lighter weights or ask somebody to spot you to avoid injuries.

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