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5 Strategies to Target the Long Head of the Triceps

Even though your triceps are ta small muscle group, they take some serious work to bulk up.

And to ensure that it grows to its full potential, you must target the longer head as it comprises the bulk of this muscle. Moreover, it originates from the shoulder blade and runs through the length of the upper arm. Not to mention that you also get a major chunk of power for bench press from this head.

Following these 5 strategies will not only help you get sculpted triceps but indirectly help you improve the overall performance at the gym.


5 Strategies To Target The Long Head Of Triceps

1. Training Triceps Twice A Week

A really smart move for you is to target the longer head and work on these smaller muscle groups. Training them twice a week develops a great stimulus for maximum growth. Also, this muscle has fast recovery, so giving it 2-3 days of rest is enough before you target them again.

Training Twice Per Week On Triceps

Just to help you out, here is what you can do:

  • Monday: Chest.
  • Tuesday: Shoulders & Triceps.
  • Wednesday: Rest.
  • Thursday: Back & Biceps.
  • Friday: Legs.
  • Saturday: Triceps & Cardio (if you want).
  • Sunday: Rest.

2. Don’t Hit Them After Delts or Chest

We all know that after a shoulder or chest workout, the triceps are screaming and that ideal mass you want on them prohibits training them on chest or shoulder day.

Don’t Target Them After Delts or Chest

However, you can allocate their training just on your arms day as well. This way you’ll be able to keep your maximum focus on that particular muscle group and train with more energy and weight.

3. Hardcore Mass-Building Long Head Move

The first thing I would focus on is doing the multi-joint movements early in your workout before the single-joint ones. Also, consider changing your routine if your progress has all of the sudden paused. This gives a shock to your muscles, inciting growth.

Hardcore Mass-Building Long-Head Move

While the overhead multi-joint triceps exercises don’t directly target the long head, the close-grip bench press actually does. In this position, your arms are perpendicular to your torso. Try it on the Smith machine, and choose a weight that makes you reach failure at 8 reps.

4. Always Target The Long Head First

This means to start with exercises that target the long head of the triceps, like the overhead triceps extensions before targeting those lateral and medial heads with triceps pressdowns.

Always Target The Longer Head First

The reason is the muscle glycogen storage starts to deplete and the fatigue levels raises as you progress through the workout. If you target the medial and lateral heads first, your energy levels will drop and you won’t be able to effectively target the long head.

5. Don’t Stop At Failure

I know for these small muscle groups, when we reach failure they feel as if they are about to pop out. Most of us would usually drop the weights at this point. However, you shouldn’t and work even harder to go beyond that.

Don’t Stop At Failure

Even though the form and technique rumbles a bit, getting those extra two, three or even five reps after the point of failure would add a lot to your triceps growth.

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