What is Bro Science? New Dom Mazzetti

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Life According to Dom:
BroScience is lifting advice from an unqualified bro, who looks like he works out. Every jacked dude in the gym is a gold mine of unfound-ed tips on how to get huge!
Passed down from generation to generation of gym buddies. AKA Broteges.
We believe it works, because that guy just told me, and he’s f**king huge!

Good Bro Science:
Curls then pushups.
Decline Skullcrushers.
Jumprope between sets, get your heartrate up, calves bigger.

Bad Bro science:
Spinning the weights while benching, no clamps!
Squats are bad for your knees, hip inductor machine instead.

The real place to get learned, right here in the gym, the dungeon!

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