WATCH: Rich Piana’s ‘Mother’ of Supersets for Triceps

Not all of his advice is bad.

superset for triceps

When it comes to advice on training for growth, Rich Piana is a fairly decent go-to source for all sorts of tips and tricks of the trade.

Not everything is as ridiculous as his infamous 8-hour arm workout — he actually has training advice that can be applied by those who are a little less synthetic than him and his mutant crew.

Triceps are a bit like calves; either you have them or you don’t. If you don’t, there’s not much that you can do about it other than just training your ass off, keeping it strict in the nutritional department, and getting plenty of rest.

To add a fair amount of mass to the triceps, you’ll need to target the long head. Having a fair-sized outer head is great and all but it doesn’t do much justice to the overall look to your arm.

This superset that Piana takes us through, shows us just how to grow the long head of the triceps. And if you’ve done this superset or something similar, you’ll know just how effective it is.

One of the key components to getting a muscle to grow is to stimulate it enough. You need to perform more than four sets per muscle group in order to incur growth.

However, by performing supersets, you’re able to stimulate your muscles more than you would by performing single workout sets at a time.

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