Unlimited Sex & Drugs Promised On Colombian Island Resort


This is probably one of the craziest ideas we’ve ever seen implemented by someone. 

After seeing this advertised, we didn’t believe it was real at first. However, on further investigation, it seems that this really is actually happening.

That’s right, you haven’t been misled by the title here.

A company called ‘Good Girls’ have released a video advertising ‘unlimited sex’ and a ‘drug friendly’ holiday package on the coast of Cartagena (on Colombia’s north coast).

We’ll post a snapshot of the video below, so you know we’re not joking.

Unlimited-Sex-&-Drugs-promised-on-Columbian-Island-Resort-video-shotCredit: CEN

60 girls, 30 guys

The video’s main attraction seems to be that there are only 30 tickets being sold to men. While there’ll be 60 girls (what appear to be prostitutes), there too.

As a result, this seems to be the reason why Good Girls Company have marketed their ‘sex island resort’ with ‘unlimited sex available 24 hours a day’.

In fact, the girls in the video are seen wearing cropped tops with ‘www.sexisland.com’ plastered on them.

We can’t believe that a company has actually put something like this together, and gone all out advertising it.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while prostitution is legal in Colombia, pimping is not. So we’re unsure whether Good Girls Company are considered to be ‘pimping’ here and potentially breaking the law.

Food and Drinks Included

If you were wondering, ‘how much is the food on this little island?’. Well, don’t worry.

As well as having 60 prossies there with you, the price of the ticket includes 3 course meals everyday and unlimited alcohol.

From the video, it seems that ticket holders will be eating their meals from the naked bodies of these prostitutes; so this might also be a one-way ticket to sexual diseases too.

You might not believe us, so we’ll post another snapshot from the video below…


Watch the video

We’ve been talking you through this video, because it’s been taken down numerous times by YouTube.

So, while we’ve found a working video now, it’s likely that it might have been taken down while you read this article – so don’t blame us if it’s not working.

Take a look:

Summary: It’s F*cking Crazy

I think our summary above is the best one to describe this event.

We can’t believe a company has openly advertised a weekend with prostitutes, sex, drugs and alcohol.

It might sound batsh*t crazy to us or other quite normal people. But if you’ve ever wanted to know what a 70’s or 80’s rock star lived like, then this might be your best opportunity to find out.

However, don’t forget that you’ll be there with 29 other (probably) randy, old, desperate men who find themselves single and unable to find love.

Add in the likelihood of you returning back to your normal life with some form of sexual disease (hopefully not AIDS), and it starts to sound a bit sketchy.

And what happens after your balls ache so much that you can’t even get down and dirty anymore?! Then you’ll probably be stuck surrounded by the old, desperate guys having sex while sat wishing you were back at home.

However, if you only have a few months left to live for whatever reason, and want to go out with a ‘bang’, then this could just be the event for you.


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