Pre Workout Without Crash | Get Great Results With No Side Effects

The earth-shattering power you get from a good pre workout supplement can be immense. But if your energy levels crash after your gym session you can be left feeling jittery, fatigued and sapped of energy.

It’s just not worth risking a poor quality supplement.

When gains are on the table, only the best will do.

It’s all about getting a pre workout without crash. There are some great products out there that let you train with the intensity of a dialed-in pro lifter, but without the side effects.

We’re huge fans of pre workout supplements at SpotMeBro. No matter what day it is, you’ll find us in the church of the iron, under a bar, cranking out rep after rep.

It’s what we live for brah.

And every session is fueled by these awesome, stamina-boosting, strength-enhancing, bar-bending, f*ck-up-the-free-weights supplements.

But we know first hand that’s there’s nothing worse than the post-gym comedown. Once that crash hits you’ll know about it.

What’s a Pre Workout Crash?

If you’ve ever had a crash from some cheap, nasty-a$$ pre workout supplement you’ll know just how bad it feels.

It’s just like those films where sullen-eyed zombies crawl across the floor for brains or some sh*t. They look weak, they move slowly and they’ve void of energy, brain function and life.

They’ve taken their pre workout, eaten brains for fun… and now their experiencing the worst side effect of the lifter; crashing.

Your arms and legs feel heavy and you’ve gone from feeling invincible to some kind of rigor mortis-invested zombie in the space of minutes.

How do you feel when you’re crashing?

Although the type of crash you experience might change based on the ingredients in your pre workout, here are the most common symptoms:

  • Strong headaches.
  • Loss of energy and drive.
  • You feel weak and exhausted.
  • Similar feelings to being hungover after far too many brewskies.
  • Jittery, anxious and uncomfortable.
  • Low mood and short-term depression.

What causes the pre workout crash?

Pre workouts are clever supplements. They allow your body to work at its best, even when you don’t feel up to the challenge of a tough workout.

Most pre workouts contain stimulants such as caffeine – a well-researched nutrient compound that’s been found to boost strength, endurance, fat loss and cognitive ability.

It works by attaching itself directly to your nervous system and inhibits a chemical called adenosine attaching to its receptors.

Adenosine is responsible for helping you feel calm and chilled. It suppresses feelings of excitement and arousal – that’s why a good caffeine hit helps you feel invigorated and ready to take on the day.

But if you take huge amounts of caffeine, as it wears off you allow adenosine to cling to its receptors as quick as it possibly can.

The change in nervous system chemistry leaves you feeling restless, anxious, nauseous and dizzy. Not only that, you’ll also feel drowsy, sleepy and tired too.

Male athlete sleeping on a bike in the gym

Great Pre workouts Supercharge Your Gym Game

Let’s put this down right from the start…. good quality pre workout supplements wont make you crash.

You get what you pay for.

The best pre workout supplements out there help you avoid the crash by using the right nutrients in the right way.

Most pre workouts acts as natural stimulants. They are able to ramp up your endurance and strength by acting directly upon your physiology.

Pre workout supplements hijack your body and supercharge your gym sessions.

Here’s how:

  • Helps you pump your body full of energy that is otherwise locked away in storage.
  • Blunts sensations of pain and discomfort so you can train harder for longer without fatigue or exhaustion.
  • Improves blood flow so you can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles.
  • Increases focus, drive and motivation meaning the most productive workouts possible.

When you use a premium-quality pre workout, your results are off the chart. You’re stronger, fitter, leaner and develop a will that’s both unbreakable and motivated as hell.

And all without crashing too.

Muscular athlete using pre workout to get lean and jacked

Pre Workout Without Crash: How Do You Prevent It?

Pre workout supplements that are basically just caffeine with a few under-dosed, random ingredients thrown in will give you a crash for sure.

You just can’t throw that much stimulant in your body and expect to come out the other side fresh as a daisy.

But high-quality pre workouts help you avoid the crash by using the power of natural nutrients to help you recover in a stable, controlled manner… rather than at speed, nose down, unstable and with a heavy touchdown.

(You can’t talk about ‘crashing’ without a flying analogy in there somewhere brah).

L-theanine is great for avoiding the pre workout crash

If there’s one nutrient you need in your pre workout it’s L-theanine. An amino acid found in tea leaves, it’s known to enhance brain power and reduce both anxiety, and your body’s reaction to stress.

L-theanine works with caffeine to form what’s known in the gym game as ‘smart caffeine’. 


The best thing about L-theanine is that it helps you avoid the pre workout crash by promoting release of the brain transmitter chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid – what we know better as GABA.

If we use the plane landing analogy again, L-theanine acts like those dudes with the orange flag things that direct the plane to a safer landing.

It acts as a ‘chaperone’, reducing how aggressive your crash kicks in and instead helping you cruise to a gentle post-workout recovery.

Maximum results. No side effects.

L-theanine enhances the effects of caffeine performance but without the jittery crash that high doses can give you.

Work out your individual tolerance

Just because your buddy Chad triple-scoops his pre workout doesn’t mean you have to.

Everyone has their own tolerance levels to caffeine. Habitual coffee drinkers for example have a higher tolerance to caffeine.

Caffeine virgins that have huge hits of the compound are left trembling like little b*tches as their body struggles to cope with the stimulant flowing through its arteries.

Start off with the recommended dose, and as you get used to it you can add more gradually. Going fully-charged with your powder like you’re Tony Montana is bound to leave you feeling hung.

Fuel your workouts with food

Taking your pre workout without at least some food can accelerate the feelings of crashing. When you take it on an empty stomach, your body absorbs the caffeine quicker.

This can leave you feeling nauseous, headaches, stomach discomfort and hard crashing as it enters your bloodstream.

Even if it’s a banana or some oats, make sure you take your pre workout with food and enjoy the powerful benefits without any side effects.

Muscular bodybuilder performing single arm row in the gym

Our Best Pre Workout Without Crash

If you really want to get the best from your workouts with any of the crash side effects you need to choose the very best supplement available.

We recommend 4 Gauge by Roar Ambition as our number one pre workout without crash.

Containing all-natural nutrients such as caffeine, L-theanine, red beet and creatine, this premium-quality pre workout is bound to load up your guns and assault your workouts with the double-barreled supercharge. 

4 Gauge pre workout

  • Ramp up your energy and make every workout count
  • Build athlete strength and stamina
  • Reduce exhaustion and enhance time to fatigue
  • No crash. Just crazy gains.

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