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Best Fat Loss Supplements To Get Ripped | Tried & Tested

It’s time to get rid of the fluff and carve out some muscle mass with the best fat loss supplements.

The internet is full of shi*t when it comes to fat loss.

If it’s not waist trainer belts promising a tighter mid-section, it’s late night infomercial ab equipment telling you how to use 3 million ab curls a day to help you develop washboard abdominals.

Many people make promises about ‘life changing’ ways to etch out a six pack or sculpt a more muscular chest or ass. But unless you follow the basic, proven methods you’ll be left disappointed and exhausted.

The basics of fat loss

The bottom line is this. Unless you achieve a calorie deficit, you’re not going to tap into those fat cells and use that gooey triglyceride goodness for fuel.

In normal terms – fat loss just won’t happen.

The real key to trimming your waist or cutting weight to show your six pack is to control your calories and increase your energy expenditure.

Combine these two factors and fat will fall off you quicker than clothes off an Instagram model.

And while there’s no ‘miracle cure’ for weight loss, there are a number of best fat loss nutrients and supplements that can speed up the process.


Fat loss is about calorie balance

Imagine a seesaw. On one side you’ve got the calories coming from food. On the other you’ve got the calories you burn.

The calories in side of things is pretty simple. When you eat carbs, fats and proteins they give you energy.

The calories our (what’s known as energy expenditure) is slightly more complicated.

Here’s how you body uses calories each day:

  • Basal metabolic rate – the calories you need just to make sure your heart beats, your brain is packed full of ideas and your muscles retain their size and shape.
  • Exercise – every time you make the gym your bitch you’re using energy.
  • Daily activities – even walking to the supplement store, dancing while you cook your high-protein lunch, and cleaning your bedroom mirror after an hour of posing practice requires energy.
  • Digestion – every time you eat you need to use energy to digest and absorb the nutrients locked inside.

Control calories and boost expenditure to achieve best fat loss

To achieve the best fat loss possible you need to make sure that energy expenditure is higher than the calories coming in.

Unfortunately you can’t digest your way to lean abs as that means eating more food. So let’s leave that one out of the equation.

But what you can do is exercise more, boost general activity levels and pack on more muscle. Combine this with a calorie-controlled diet and you’re well on your way to single digit body fat.

That way you increase the chances of you sliding the seesaw in favor of calories out.

Fat loss supplements – Do they work?

Once you’ve nailed your calorie deficit you’ll find that fat loss starts to take place.

But you can speed up the process with the right foods and nutrients.

Don’t get us wrong. Supplements like raspberry ketones and some of those unpronounceable herbs from deepest Mongolia won’t help you in the slightest.

But going for scientifically proven nutrients will put the gas pedal to the floor for body composition changes.

Here are our best fat burner supplement nutrients:



There’s nothing worse when you’re on a weight cut than those constant hunger pangs an feelings of tiredness.

This natural appetite suppressant boosts fat loss by restricting hunger. It helps you control the calories in part of energy balance.

As a fiber food in the Konjac root, it’s not the kind of food you’d find at your local hypermarket. But as a supplement it helps to:

  • Decrease appetite and boost sateity
  • absorb water and swell in your stomach
  • Improve guy transit health
  • Regulate blood sugar

High in long-chain, complex fiber, glucomannan swells in your stomach, tricking your body into thinking it’s full. It controls appetite and makes it a hell of a lot easier to reduce food consumption.

Science backs this up too, with numerous clinical trials and meta-analyses showing significant fat loss in even short periods of time.

Green tea extract


Another important part of fat loss is metabolism. The quicker and more efficiently your body can turn calories into the energy, the higher your energy expenditure will be.

Green tea extract is classed as a thermogenic – a nutrient that boosts basal metabolic rate and fat oxidation.

High in antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols and catechins, green tea extract supplementation has been shown to result in weight loss in the most rigorous double-blind and randomized control trials.

It also helps to reduce the risk of metabolic disorders, neurodegeneration, some types of cancer and also cognitive decline too.

Chili pepper extract


Thermogenesis is all about turning up the heat inside of your cells. And what better way to do that than with spicy food.

Although you might not be a ‘chili head’ and enjoy eye-blistering curries or mouth-burning foods, an extract can still top the list for fat loss supplements.

Chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. Not only is this bad boy responsible for giving your chili peppers their heat; it’s also the main player when it comes to fat loss.

Research has shown that adding red pepper supplements to food leads to reduced appetite and energy intake, as well as an increase in metabolism, fat oxidation and weight loss.

Capsaicin is also a potent anti-inflammatory too. As a best supplement, regular use has been shown to improve metabolic health, improved insulin sensitivity, better digestive transit, reduced symptoms of arthritis and even reduced feelings of systemic pain.

Best Supplement for For Fat Loss and Body Composition

It’s rare that you come across an all-natural supplement with the ability to reduce energy intake, boost satiety, ramp up metabolism and thermogenesis and directly target fat cells through elevated fat oxidation.

Instant Knockout has it all.

As a fat burner supplement used by pro MMA fighters, this is as powerful as it gets.

With a unique, premium formula designed to cut fat fast, Instant Knockout is the perfect and best supplement to fight fat and cut weight in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Reduce food intake and still feel full – Appetite suppressing glucomannan will keep you satisfied and energized between meals.
  • Turn up the heat – burn more fat with the power of natural thermogenic nutrients.
  • Smash the gym and reduce fatigue – maintain relentless energy and burn even more calories during high-intensity workouts.

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