Seven Bucks Digital Release ‘Behind The Scenes’ Mr. Olympia 2017 Video


You’ll be able to see what happens backstage and behind the curtains. 

The 2017 Mr. Olympia went as quickly as it came. A couple of days afterwards were filled with many fans debating whether Phil Heath really deserved to earn his 7th Sandow Trophy.

After that, everyone didn’t really seem to care anymore. However, a company owned by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dany Garcia might just change that.

Seven Bucks Digital have revealed that they shot some exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ footage, to show you what really went down at the Mr. Olympia 2017.

The aim to put bodybuilding further into the spotlight

Speaking about their project, Dany Garcia said: “We’re going to be showing you guys points of view, experiences, things that people just don’t get to see every day.”

With the aim to take bodybuilding further into the mainstream, Seven Bucks Digital want more people to know the hard work and passion of sculpting an incredible body.

Dwayne Johnson also added his thoughts on the video being released: “Every minute matters. every second matters—and that’s exactly what bodybuilding is. It all comes down to the work we put in with our own two hands to get better.”

Footage from all 8 divisions

While the focus was mainly on Phil Heath and the ‘main’ men’s Mr Olympia competition, Seven Digital Bucks shot footage from all 8 divisions throughout the weekend.

This means it won’t just be filled with Phil Heath taking home his 7th title. But also from the Men’s Physique etc, as well as the women’s divisions too.

So don’t worry if you’re sick of hearing about Phil Heath. You’ll see many other things in Seven Bucks Digital’s video.

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