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Reading about a past criminal element engaged in activity involving weapons and drugs may conjure up memories of Tony Montana, but these guys are anything but. It’s no wonder that the upcoming motion picture “Pain and Gain” is being billed as an action dark comedy rather than a serious crime drama.

Mark and The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg star as two real-life Floridians, Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal, that let the juice go to their heads, the only problem being that anabolic steroid use – no matter the volume – will never make your brain grow like your biceps. The real life characters they portray tried mightily to become rich bad guys that lift weights by day at Sun Gym and run an intricate crime ring by night. The trouble is that the pathetic pair just kept f**king everything up.


The movie is based on a series of 1999 Miami New Times newspaper articles written by Pete Collins profiling just how stupid these guys really were. When they tried to kill one of their victims, he seemed to have nine lives. Then when they wanted to merely hurt and scare another into giving up personal financial information, they beat the shit out of the guy so bad that he dropped dead before spitting out the valuable digits. So they had to off his girlfriend next because she witnessed everything.

Need another example of how the Dynamic Duo – and the rest of their recruited gang members – were completely inept at their burgeoning trade? They couldn’t figure out how to assemble a chain saw they bought to chop up the bodies they acquired by mistake. Not enough for you? How about trying to enter into a legally binding contract with the survivor from their kidnapping attempt after he was held captive and tortured for a month in order to sign over his millions? Talk about implicating yourselves!

Muscles mix well with money, fast cars, mansions and strippers, but these guys could barely keep track of what they stole and didn’t have that much time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Even amidst all of this ignorance, these dimwits nearly got away with it because the police didn’t believe the outlandish description of the crimes from the victims who lived. The sad fact is that if the simpleton members of the ‘Sun Gym Gang’ were arrested then, two lives would have been spared.

Behind The Scenes

This can go on and on and the ending revealed, but that would take all of the fun out of seeing the film. Wahlberg, 41, claims to have eaten 10 meals a day and trained his ass off for two months to put on the 40 pounds of muscle he added. The Rock? He’s been huge for a while and looks peeled here. Tony Shalhoub (“Monk”) is the wealthy shady businessman who resurfaces after being left for dead. Veteran actor Ed Harris plays a private dick and there’s also an appearance by Ken Jeong, who became a cult figure for his role as Mr. Chow in “The Hangover” series.

Pain And Gain The Rock

Spot Me Bro Approved

Judging by the official trailer recently released, the filmmakers have done their homework and the gym scenes appear genuine. Wahlberg looks better than he did 20-something years ago during his Marky Mark underwear modeling days and Johnson could probably enter the 2013 Arnold Classic and make the top six. Directed by Michael Bay of “Transformers” fame, featuring a solid cast and production team, this $25 million flick will certainly give you a pump.

Pain & Gain
Interview With Mark Wahlberg And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Regarding bodybuilding preparation for the film.

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