Kevin Levrone: No One Could Break Dorian Yates

I'll take his word for it.

Here we go again, Kevin Levrone giving his two cents on another bodybuilder.

Don’t worry, Kevin didn’t have anything bad to say. In an interview, Kevin was asked about Dorian Yates, to which he opened up and gave his honest words.

Kevin isn’t known as a guy who goes around slandering other bodybuilders or figures of the industry. And if he has, I am completely unaware of it.

As we all know, Dorian was the dominator of the 90s. His first pro bodybuilding show was in 1990. His first Olympia appearance was in 1991, in which he placed 2nd to Lee Haney. The year after that, Dorian had won his first Mr. Olympia title, and guess what?

Kevin Levrone came second to Yates that year at the Olympia.

So Kevin and Dorian have a history that spans back to the early 90s, and it’s no wonder that Levrone has such respect and admiration for Yates.

But as much as they had respect for one another, they were just as much competitors too when it came to show time.

In the interview video below, Kevin provides some details about Dorian that many of us haven’t seen or known about the champion (unless you’re a proper fanboy).

What are your thoughts on what has been said? Do you agree with what Kevin has said or nah?

Let us know!

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