Lee Priest: Take All the Drugs You Want — You’ll Still Look Like Sh*t

You heard the man!



Lee Priest isn’t known for being subtle when it comes to dealing out the truth. In fact, he’s built quite the reputation for it. We’ve seen him hand out a can of whoop-ass on Phil Heath and Bostin Loyd. And now he’s dealing it out to whoever fits in the category of looking like sh*t despite the use of steroids 365 days a year.

We’ve seen these guys around the gym, perhaps you even know a few — I sure as creatine do! Certain body parts may grow, and these are most often the shoulders and traps — I have no idea why? They have big delts and traps, and spaghetti arms, a flat chest, and weird-ass lats. One can only assume that it’s their genetic make-up that’s to blame for their weird build. No, you’re not a freaky bodybuilder. Wanna know what freaky looks like? Take a look:

Do you even freak, brah?
Do you even freak, brah?

Steroid use has become somewhat of an epidemic in modern gym society, so much that even women training for recreational purposes are beginning to eat clen. Yes, women are taking clen, and anavar, and winstrol, and and and… I’m not talking about the females who stand on-stage with something that looks like a micropenis protruding from their bikini bottoms, no, I’m talking about that [hashtag] fitchick who’s got a squat-deadlift-lunging booty that could consume universes if it wanted to.

Most men couldn’t even get their glutes to grow like that, and we have much, much more testosterone than women do. So why then? Gear, drugs, juice, steroids, whatever you want to call them, are why. In the past, I never used to have much of an issue with steroids (as I am an avid juicer myself), but lately, it’s been ruffling my feathers quite a bit. Purely because so many people are using it for all the wrong reasons, and using it incorrectly at that. First-time users will see a video or read a forum on dosages and how to use what with what. Often times this leads to health issues down the line — and not necessarily 50 years down the line.

Andreas Cahling: Jacked Santa -- he knows what he's doing.
Andreas Cahling: Jacked Santa — he knows what he’s doing.

What happened to just working out for the fun of it? If you’re not going to compete, why jump on the gain train? “Because I want to look good.” You vain piece of shite. We’ve become so self-centered and obsessed with our physical appearance and getting the approvement of fellow man, that we’re willing to risk playing a game of life and death with ourselves. If you ask me, it’s not worth it.

Rant over.

We all love Lee for addressing whichever matter with pure, unfiltered, no-bs honesty. And in this video, he addresses those who think that by taking a little (actually, a lot) of gear will get them into the top 1% of pro bodybuilding. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that gear alone won’t make you the champion you’ve always dreamt of being.


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