James & Cutler Say Kai Greene Should Compete at 2017 Mr. Olympia

When will Kai finally let his fans know?

It’s been news for a while now that Kai Greene has received a special invitation to the 2017 Mr. Olympia showdown.

Kai, as per usual, has not yet given a clear-cut answer as to what decision he’ll be making with regards to this invitation. We know that Kai has a habit of talking in riddles. You could ask him what color the sky is and the conversation will end up with the celestial

You could ask him what color the sky is and the conversation will end up being about other celestial bodies without even addressing what color the sky is. Although, at the very last minute, the answer that you’ve been waiting for, will finally be made known — blue.

That’s just how Kai is. He has a tendency to go beyond the superficial in his explanations and at the very end, only then will he give you an answer.

Heck, we probably won’t even hear anything from Kai and then see him on-stage at the prejudging at the Olympia. Although unlikely, I wouldn’t be surprised if that did happen. But he would never do that to his fans.

Speaking of fans, two bodybuilding legends, Dennis James and Jay Cutler have chimed in on the topic. However, the clip of Cutler was filmed in 2015 but is more suited for today’s situation than it was back then.

See the video below:

Are these two legends right to say what they did? Should Kai compete at the Olympia this year or will he not stand a chance against the other competitors?

Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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