Is Regan Grimes The Future of Bodybuilding?

Just how far will he go?

regan grimes

It wasn’t long after Regan Grimes gained popularity on social media that he began making waves in the world of bodybuilding.

At the 2016 Arnold Classic, Brazil, Grimes won the Amateur division in which he obtained his pro card. Since then, it’s only been a one-way trip to the top.

Although, it’s one thing winning your first Arnold Amateur show, but it’s something else entirely when you win it at 22-years-old.

The future of bodybuilding is under fire from critics and fans alike, questioning the road it’s on — politics of the sport, quality of competitors’ physiques, qualification standards, etc.

One that stands out most to nearly every fan of the sport, is the quality of physiques that we’re being exposed to, even at the pro level of bodybuilding. Drug use has gotten so out of hand that competitors look worse than what they did when they were coming up.

Size and conditioning aside, a lot of competitors have lost the overall quality of their physiques; despite the low body fat, definition and separation are nearly non-existent.

Let’s not even broach the subject of extended stomachs.

With all that being said, it’s rare to find a competitor who brings a package consisting of muscle separation and a small waist.

Everyone gains a gangload of muscle — that’s a given. But not all put on that muscle and maintain a small waist.

Regan Grimes, however, has a solid physique every way you look at it.

Having weighed around 220 pounds at the Arnolds, he looked absolutely amazing, yet, there was still room for more growth. If Grimes adds another 20-30 pounds onto what he already has, all while keeping that waist as small as possible, we could possibly see the future Mr. Olympia.

Given that genetics are one of the most crucial aspects of being a successful bodybuilder, we know the Regan Grimes won’t have any difficulty climbing to the top of the professional bodybuilding ladder.

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