Untold Bas Rutten Street Fight Story, He Almost Killed a Guy

We got an exclusive, never before told story from the man him himself
Enter Bas “El Guapo” Rutten

Bas Rutten Bouncer 2

“A club in Holland where I worked was called The Rockefeller—later they changed it to The Bandit—which was in a little village called Schaijk. People from all around, even from the big city, would come to this place because it was an awesome place. It had a really good DJ, his name was Bas also.

The club was at ground level, but they also had these stairs going down under the ground, where there was a little street with a German pub, and an English pub, and a snack bar. So if you were dancing upstairs and you got hungry, you could go downstairs and eat something. It was pretty cool.

Needless to say, troublemakers always “fell from the stairs.” If the cops would come to pick up bad people after we beat them up, they would always smile and say, “Fell from the stairs again, Bas?” and I’d say, “Yup! Fell from the stairs.” (laughs) That was always our thing because it was a nasty stairs, made of stone, so if they fell from there, they would probably have injuries like the ones we gave them… I think. I guess.

One time, there are these guys causing trouble, so we have to throw them right away out. I throw one of the guys first against the wall, then against the door, then I throw him outside. When that happens, I break the handle on the door with his body—it was made of metal, but I guess it was a different kind of metal, a weaker one, because it broke.

After he is outside, I go to close the door which is a very thick plexiglass that would never break, I think it could even stop a bullet. As I am closing it, the guy looks at me and tells me he is going wait for the right moment and then kill me, and then he slits his throat with his thumb.

Now, those threats you have to take serious. One of my bouncers tells me to come inside, but I say, “No, I’m going to take care of this now,” because I don’t want to be getting into my car next week, and have him and his friends jump me. I can’t take that risk.

So I go outside, and the guy puts up his fists. He was southpaw, right hand forward, and he steps into a REALLY wide karate stance or kung fu stance, I don’t know what it was. I think maybe he didn’t know either! (laughs) So I right away launch a right-foot roundhouse kick, full blast in his face, which is even worse for him because I am wearing steel toes. SMASH! It hits him and he goes down on his knees, and his lip is split in half, you can see the lip hanging. And then, because he was going to kill me, I load up for a penalty kick in his face.

This is the part where I am SO lucky here, man.

I kick with everything I have, maximum power, but just as I do that, he falls backwards so I miss, and the force [of the kick] makes me do a complete pirouette. I’m not even finished spinning when I realize that if I connected, he would have for sure died, so as I finish coming around, I put my hands up to the sky and think, “Thank YOOOU!!!” I know I would have kicked a hole in his face and he would guaranteed be dead, and today I would still be in jail and not be in America.

That’s one of those moments when you don’t think and you go on emotion. I was very, very lucky that I didn’t kill this guy.”

Exclusive Excerpt for SpotMeBro.com from When We Were Bouncers: Famous Actors, Athetes, and Others Tell Insane Stories of Their Days Behind The Velvet Rope

When I was fourteen years old, I was a bouncer in a whorehouse in the Amazon.
— RENZO GRACIE, MMA/Jiu Jitsu legend

I smiled a little and said, ‘Okay, I get it’. Then I SMASHED him in the face with a serving tray.
— THEO ROSSI, star of Sons of Anarchy

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