WATCH: Is This Bodybuilder The Freakiest Thing To Come Out of Russia?

A mass monster indeed.

a split image of andrey skoromnyy

Some pretty big and ridiculous things have come out of Russia in the past. That’s why when we think of Russia, we think of big, strong things.

If you see a big guy moving even bigger weight and you hear that he’s Russian, your first response will be “oh yeah, that makes sense.” It’s just the kind of reputation that the Russians have built for themselves over the years.

And that’s why we ask if this bodybuilder is the freakiest thing/human/possible alien to come out of Russia.

See the video below:

Andrey Skoromnyy is a Ukranian-born, Russian bodybuilder who is jacked beyond comprehension. Before he found his niche in bodybuilding, Skoromnyy was quite successful at playing other sports such as athletics, gymnastics, and basketball.

In 2006, at the age of 17, Andrey attended a weightlifting club, which is where his interest in bodybuilding began.

In 2010, Andrey took part in his first bodybuilding, competing in the junior category, which he won. After taking first place there, he was asked to compete in the men’s “up to 90kg (198lb)” category, for which he took third place.

Fast forward 3 years into the future, Andrey won his pro card at the Arnold Amateur. Three years worth of training under his belt before he earned his pro card. That shows talent right there.

I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t seen more of him?

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more of the Russian bodybuilder on the American circuit?

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