Devin Physique Exposed As A Scam Artist

What do you do when your success was built on a lie?

devin physique



When I say “scam artist” I’m using the term quite loosely, but to be honest, he did rob a few thousand people blind. What would Instagram be without a few fitness transformation gurus getting you to buy their crappy products for $200? Most likely a happy place.

This whole ‘scam’ story of Devin Zimmerman, aka Devin Physique, began when someone noticed discrepancies and decided to do a little digging. What was found may shock you, or you could just be like “Yeah I saw it coming. Damn Devin.” Now we’re not going to slander their company name, but that was a pretty straight up I’ll-sh*t-on-your-face move, Devin. Even though Devin might have some gains on his frame, it’s nothing compared to the overnight Adobe gains he makes before posting to social media.


Being an experienced lifter and involved in this industry for quite some time, I know that there are people who just started working out or have even trained for several years, but due to their ignorance will buy into the lies that are sold through supplement companies, and more recently, Instagram fitness personalities — which, by the way, most of them don’t know two sh*ts about nutrition nor are 95% of them qualified to sell meal plans.

To be honest, whenever I see these unqualified, moronic, imbecilic, ape sh*t for brains “personal trainers” sell their personalized meal and training plans, I literally make like Macho Man and reach my boiling point. When I reach the level of boiling point, I could fight a bear and leave the forest with a new fleek fur coat. That’s how serious it is.


Still don’t get why I’m a little upset? Well here we have a guy who’s literally—LITERALLY—made over a million dollars selling meal and training plans that he didn’t even create. How do I know this? Kelly Willett, a former employee and friend of Devin Physique recently took to YouTube to express her feels about the way Zimmerman ran his operations. It’s interesting to know that he never handled any of his clients’ plans, instead it was delegated to Willett. And can you guess who got paid for the work they didn’t put in? Yeah…

That waist tho…

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Luimarco being his Canadian-French self

This video is a bit long, but she hits hard in the first few minutes.

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  1. What a scumbag!

    Now he’s in bed with scam artist Alan Valdes (Alan Michael Valdes) aka Tiger Valdes. Supposedly this guy was indicted for some sort of theft. Real stand up guys here. Stay away, far far away.

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