Biggest Pros and Cons of Dating a Muscle Chick

Dating a Muscle Chick



From the outside, dating a fit chick of the modern age can seem like the ideal life. Those silky skin tones and bulging curves in all the right places might seem alluring on the screen of your phone, but it’s not all one smooth sail.

Speaking from experience, there are just as many positives and negatives to dating a woman in great shape as there are to dating someone who may be a little less active in the gym, but has other things working in their favour, whether it be physical or emotional.


Of course, not every muscular chick is the same, and I’ll be damned if we don’t all live on in the hope of one day finding that perfect damsel; that girl who can combine heavy lifting with sensitivity, humour, a good appetite and a million other factors—but the search continues.

We’ve dissected some of the biggest pros and cons to dating a fit woman, giving you bros out there an inside look at what it’s like to live what many guys think is the dream.


Pro: The Body

This sounds like a case for Captain Obvious!

Starting with the most apparent benefit of a woman who’s into her fitness, the body is the No. 1 reason we’re drawn to muscular girls in the first place, and it’s often a pleasure to be seen in public with a person you know other dudes wish was by their side.

Con: Potentially Masculine Features


Now, this can be an extremely slim concern depending on how serious your partner is with her training, but the development of masculine features can serve as a real turn-off if they take fitness just too far over the line.

Whether it’s bodybuilding or Crossfit your girl’s into, jaw structure, size of limbs such as the legs and forearms, not to mention deepening of the voice can all become very real worries, especially if they’re inclined to get a little “extra help” in their training.

Pro: Sex/General Health Benefits

woman middle finger flexible

This is a bit of a double-edged sword, because less attractive girls are, generally, willing to do more in the bedroom to make up for that lacking self-esteem. However, in a purely physical sense, a physically capable woman will be stronger, more flexible and more able to experiment in those hard-to-reach positions.

Also, looking in the longer-term, you and your fit beau are likely to lead linger, healthier lives if your cardiovascular systems are above average, so you’ll be able to maintain those positions well into your 60s. All the more reason, right?

Con: Risk of Personality Defects

As touched upon in the point above, “less attractive” women can often yield benefits when it comes to personality, and it’s not unheard of for hotter women to develop nasty traits, such as arrogance, hubris and self-entitlement.

You might find it difficult to bag yourself a nine with a rocking body, but sometimes a seven who’s willing to stay up late playing Fallout 4 and eating pizza can be so much more sweeter. See The Crazy/Hot Scale for further explanation.


Pro: Not Overly Food Conscious

sexy food women woman bikini

Any trainer worth his/her salt knows calories are essential to growth and while starving oneself can get your fat content down, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

As such, it’s a major turn-off when women aren’t comfortable enough in their own skin to chow down on a burger every now and then or join in with the beer session. Letting your hair down can be just as sexy as single-digit body fat.

Con: Expensive (and Annoying) Dinners

When you’re eating as much as me, that can mean the dinner bill just doubled in price, and meals can be even more of a chore depending on how Instagram-friendly your woman is.

Put the damn phone down and just eat your Sloppy Joe like a normal person.

Pro: She Lifts More Than You

Coming full circle, training is of course the primary denominator between you and your female lifting friend, so it’s great to have someone you genuinely get along with and can be relied upon to join you for a session pretty much whenever you want.


Depending on how comfortable you are in your own skin, it can even be a huge positive to see this modern, strong woman taking her training so seriously that she just beat your one-rep max squat *butterflied flapping in stomach*.

Con: She Lifts More Than You


But then, the whole “depending on how comfortable you are in your own skin” part mentioned above is undoubtedly questionable in most men, and many, many guys out there would be simply too embarrassed to have a women outlifting them on a regular basis.

Her hands have as many calluses as yours, her squat reaches depths you’ve only witnessed that time you went deep-sea diving and everyone in the gym is wondering when you’re finally going to add that third plate for your reps.

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